Men Hold Onto Your Wallets Please!!

urlYup, I said it! Lol and I’ll say it again MEN HOLD ONTO YOUR WALLETS!!

I know a lot of women are not going to agree with post. I can see you now, as you read my words and turn your nose up at me. lol. But, ya know what? I really don’t care, LOL. It’s how I feel and it’s how a lot of men feel, and who better to express this notion than the one and only, …..ME :), LOL.

Thank you…thank you..hold your applause, lol 🙂

If you don’t like what I’m about to say, then stop reading right now. Don’t even waste your time. But if you want to learn something, get a new perspective then set aside your ego and continue reading. The choice is yours.

The responses I get sometimes, some women think I’m anti-female. How?? This is funny to me. I’m a woman, an opinionated in-depth woman. I just don’t agree with the way some women think and the things that they do. And contrary to belief, other women feel the same way. I believe a lot women are picky and get in their own way of having true love in their life by being so materialistic.

I’ve done my research, well more like, I listen to men and really hear them and a lot men are tired of spending money on women and they feel women just don’t appreciated it. They feel women feel it’s expected. Their worth of them being a man, is measured by how much they spend and this just isn’t fair. This goes for men who date and men that are already in relationships too.

Men don’t mind spending money on a woman, they just want to control how much they spend. I don’t think a man should spend a lot of money on a woman, he just met. This should be held for someone special.

Is there a relationship money meter that measures, this is how much you love/like me?

Some women feel, the more expensive the gift, the more he loves me and I have him wrapped around my finger. Now this article is not geared towards the whole female species, just the ones who are like this, lol. Here is my stance on why I feel men should hold onto their wallets, when dating a woman they just met. Men 9 times out 10 will go out of their way to impress a woman.

They figure , “wow, she’s going out on a date with me, she must like me, I gotta impress her.” There’s no rejection. This makes a man feel good, like maybe she can be the one. Or so he’s really, really hoping. They start thinking about the perfect place, and then if the date was a good one, they want to up their game on the next one. With this comes a hefty price, which usually leads to know where, depending on the woman.

A man who doesn’t spend money on you in the first few weeks is not a cheap man. He’s a smart man. A woman should respect a man who doesn’t spend, a lot of money on every woman he dates. If a man is just buying you gifts without, getting to fully know you first, and he doesn’t love you, be leery of this type of man, because it is clear that he is trying to buy your affection.

A man that doesn’t spend money on you right away, is showing you that he wants to take his time. He still learning more about you and what you like. It should show you that if he waits that you are special, not that he doesn’t think you’re worth it. (Kind of like when women hold off sex for a long time) But you have to earn and prove this. You can’t expect that just because a man finds you attractive, that’s grounds for him to be frivolous with his money.

What did you do, to deserve him spending his money on you and y’all just met? Why isn’t a cup of coffee or a muffin at Dunkin donuts good enough? I don’t know about other women, but I would feel uncomfortable receiving a gift from a man, I do not love or care about.  That’s like having sex without love. It’s meaningless. I won’t even break bread with a guy I don’t like or find interesting in some way.

I like to see if the guy is about something first, before I agree to let him take me out and before I get all dressed up. I simply do not want to waste my time. Hell, I’ll eat before I meet him, lol…. or pack a trail mix in my bag and some water, lol…..just incase he’s an asshole and I can bounce, LOL. There’s is nothing more awkward then sitting down, to eat with someone who’s just the epitome of an asshole, LOL.

Most women should see if the guy is about something first. Before they get all attractive for some guy they barely know. I heard Steve Harvey tell his daughters and women in general, “stop going out to dinner with these dudes that ain’t about anything.” just for a free meal and I have to agree with him. This is just so you won’t waste your time.

When it comes to gifts

When you receive a gift from someone you love, it should mean something. It means you’re special. It shows that the guy buying the gift or treating you, thought about you. Some women, and you know its true, hold their self worth with gifts and free meals. They use this kind gesture against men, to see how the man truly feels. They feel the more expensive the gift or the bigger it is, than this guy must be really feeling me and he wants what a lot of men want eventually which is sex.

If a man is a gentleman, if he’s consistent, if he shows up on time, compliments you and  makes you laugh and he puts thought into the date and into being with you, that’s sexy! Even spontaneous outings. That’s more of a turn on, than how much he’s spending on you. A man like this,… just might have a chance at getting the cookie, LOL. In less than 3 months, LOL…But that’s totally up to you. No judgement! Just be safe!

Women we are worth so much more, than an expensive gift or an expensive meal. Instead of worrying about how much something cost from a guy you barely know. Worry about if you are in great company and just have a good time. A man shouldn’t have to prove himself to you on the first date, and nor should you put all of your eggs in one basket. He could be an ax murderer, LOL… ok that sounded funny in my head LOL, but you catch my drift. I’m not saying deal with a cheap guy. I am saying stop expecting shit, LOL.

The only thing you deserve is for a man to be a gentlemen, respect you, treat you like a lady and that’s whether he’s spending, $10.00 or $100.00. (I’m still not over my friend and his $300 restaurant bill, that’s going to take me a minute, LOL). I know a few women that have wanted to try a new restaurant, but refuse to because they were waiting on a man to take them. Really!!! ( Insert confused emoji face). You don’t want to spend your own money and you’re waiting on some guy..any guy that likes you to take you out. Now that’s a damn shame but this is what some women do.

In conclusion a man doesn’t owe you a free pass to his wallet, because you’re a woman. And men really do have a right to hold onto their wallets, if they choose to. It doesn’t make him a bad guy. It makes him a smart guy, because this shows, that he’s not going to just throw his money away on just any woman. And that my dear should be a good thing! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Men Hold Onto Your Wallets Please!!

  1. I was looking for a double like on this one. A few months ago after I did my job…a happy client (a guy) offered to buy a gift as a token of appreciation. It was a good gesture but totally unnecessary. So HE THOUGHT since it was an expensive gift that it was enough to convince me to date him….like WTH????? I don’t roll like that so I put him off. So now I’m the enemy LOL….who cares? I know I don’t. Another buddy of mine we go on cheap dates with… a cone of ice cream or a bag of chips and a walk ….that’s it! And he also admits these cheap dates are so cool. LOL So yeah, it’s good to be open from the word go…. no pretense here peeps!

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  2. Hey Mutwoki….”A double like” you so sweet! :). You said a “a cone of ice cream or a bag of chips,” LOL…I’m dying over here, LOL :). Cheap dates are the best way to go…those are the best. I don’t have a problem with going out, I just don’t like to spend money and I don’t want the guy I’m with to spend a lot of money either. Because its unnecessary. My first love and I used to do that all the time, take walks by the shore, talk… we would even share food, we just enjoyed being with each other. It was so much fun! No price to put on quality time.

    I remember going out on dates with my ex and I had no idea I was paying, Yeah?!! WTH!!!! I don’t care if it was $20, that could have stayed in my pocket or his. He knew I was frugal as hell. lol…I stopped going out with him and better yet got rid of his ass. Expensive ass man! That money adds up over time, going out. Never thought I would come across a man, who would act like I was an ATM. I don’t even like to pay full price on movie tickets, if i can’t go to the matinee, I’m not going, I’ll wait for that thing to come out free on tv, lol..

    Women need to look at how much time a man spends with you, now how much money he spends on you. I can’t stand tardiness, it don’t matter how much you spend, if you are late. I’m done! Men have ask me “whats you’re favorite restaurant.?. My answer is my kitchen, LOL, thats my favorite restaurant, LOL.

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  3. With all due respect, In-depth woman what planet are you from?? LOL. I have never in my life, heard a woman say, “hold onto your wallet”. This is extremely rare, extremely. I wish more women thought this way. Then men would be more inclined to just do instead of it feeling forced. I love treating a woman, I just don’t want it to be expected as you mentioned. It kind of takes the authenticity out of it. Another great post! Really digging this!! Tell me where can I find a woman like you? Because the one I’m with is about to make me go broke, if she doesn’t change her ways.

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