Would You Date A Celebrity?

Would I date a celebrity? Hmmm, well first and foremost, let’s get rid off the title of a “celebrity”. People in the public eye are human beings. They deserve to have love and be loved too! That’s like asking would a celebrity date a fan? They are still human. Just because they like your art, doesn’t mean they are off limits. This question is a tough one, because I’ve met people in the public eye, that took an interest, in wanting to date me and I simply declined. I don’t get caught up in, “oh you are said actor or entertainer. Let me date you”. I’m not an opportunist.

Nor do I care who you are, like that. It’s no disrespect but you’re still a man. There are several reasons why I declined. One being, I don’t want my life to change in any way because I know you. I’m a very private person and I don’t want people wanting to be in my life, just because I’m with someone who is well known. I don’t want people following me and being nosey about my private life, because I’m with a famous person.

I had to decline one entertainer, because he just wanted to parade me around and to live and be about that lifestyle and I didn’t want that. I don’t want to be famous by association. Then I’ve met some entertainers that think, because of who they are, it should be easy to just get any woman they want…and they act like something is wrong when they get rejected. Some artist need a slice of humble pie. Knock them right off that high horse they riding on. The humble artist that are in the spotlight, they can’t help who they are.

Dating a famous person is tricky, it’s a catch 22. One has to be really secure, because their will be other men and women vying for the attention of your mate.

A very good friend of mine is famous but I don’t care. Ahhhh, wouldn’t you like to know, LOL. :).. NOPE! Not telling, LOL…never ever, ever, LOL. Now he has express some indirect interest in me and at first I thought when he said something, that he was just flirting and trying to use who he was to impress me or test me. Because I’m sure because of who he is, any woman would have jumped at the chance to be with him. If I ever decided to take a chance and date my famous friend …. I don’t know…..thats still up for debate well the universe 🙂

To be honest, I’m not really thinking about dating him, lol…. if it happens it happens….If I did I would have to be incognito. I just don’t want the attention. It may be hard, if theres a special occasion and this person wants the support of his mate by his side and If I say no, does that make me a bad person? I know there will be cameras there and I just don’t want anybody taking my picture, knowing who I am. I don’t even have my own picture up on my blog. I’m just not willing to give up my privacy for love.

Jaime Foxx has a song on called “Hollywood” talking about a woman, who just wanted to be with him because of who he is and for the perks of his lifestyle. Jaime told Ellen, that one day he was sick and he was suppose to go to an event but he really did not feel good. The woman he was dating knew he was sick and she didn’t care, she still wanted to go and be in the spotlight and he told her to go without him.

I recall LaLa Anthony saying in several interviews that women kept asking her in person and in emails, “how do they bag a baller”? She was like “WHAT?!!!! What kind of question is that?”And she said the key is “not to want to”. LaLa never wanted to date Carmelo Anthony, because of who he was and what he did. She wanted a regular guy, not some ball player because of the negative stigma attached to ball players. These women asking this question, sound like Paula Patton in the Queen Latifah movie “Just Wright” Paula planned and schemed her way, just to be with Scott McKnight played by the rapper Common.

She actually said in the movie, that she had to plan for her future and that included bagging a baller. She wanted to be like the other celebrity wives and have a brand. And he fell for her beauty and he found out the hard way, she wasn’t the woman he thought she was. Looks can be deceiving. Scott and Leslie became friends. Something him and Paula did not become. Leslie was there for him and had his back, she believed in him and cared about his future. They had a love for the same music. She fed him, she took care of him when Paula left him.

This is why men in the public eye are very leery, about who they choose to date or let into their lives. Don’t look at them as a “celebrity” because the whole celebrity thing is really overrated.

They want someone who see’s pass what they do and loves them for who they are or hoe much money they have. “Famous people” feel isolated. It’s hard for them to find real true love, because you have a lot of opportunist looking for a come up.  If you are interested in dating a famous person or if that famous person wants to date you. Become friends first. Get to really know each other. The great thing about my friend is that, we got to know each other and we’re still getting to know each other and it’s not about the physical either or him spending money on me.


I’m kind of glad we haven’t met yet, because men tend to focus on a woman’s physical at first, and that’s something I didn’t have to worry about with him. I never expected to be friends with someone, I’ve been a fan of for so long, but he’s really just a pretty awesome normal guy. He’s not stuck up like the rest of the entertainer I met. He’s very low key to be well known….So who knows… there’s no expectation either….no pressure….At least we both know that being friends, is a great foundation to start on, if love ever blossomed, and if it didn’t at least we still have our friendship and I wouldn’t trade that for anything 🙂


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