Would You Live In A Tiny House?

tiny-housejpg-2a80d79880154716Would I live in a tiny house? Hmmm, well it all depends if the tiny house met all of my needs. I would have to see the kitchen and bathroom first, LOL. Even if I would never live in a tiny house, I would definitely live in a smaller house or a condo. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we were talking about the tiny house movement and just simplifying our life and he said that he always wanted to buy an RV. I’ve seen some really nice RV’s that look like homes. The great thing about RV’s, is that you can move anywhere you want, unlike a house.

I joked about living in a tree hut on the water, LOL… hmmm maybe that wasn’t a joke, LOL :). A lot of people now a days are merely looking to simplifying their life, they are rediscovering who they are and what their needs and wants are. Having a big house, is no longer the american dream. People want to enjoy their money too, instead of it always going on the mortgage and bills.

I’m a bit of a commitment phobe, LOL… shhhh don’t tell anyone, LOL :). Maybe this is why I have never bought a house or a condo just yet. Every time I wanted to, something happened. Call it a blessing in disguise. The thought of being tied to a mortgage for 30+ years, sounds like a prison sentence to me. I like to own things out right. I don’t like bills, I don’t think anyone does.

I caught an episode of the Steve Harvey show and one of the segments that they were talking about, was about the “Tiny House Nation”. Steve Harvey made a joke about tiny houses and he went to far and the people that were watching, who lived in a tiny house or wanted to buy one, were not happy about his remarks. They took to social media as soon as it aired.

In case you missed it, here it is…..

Before I continue, I would just like to add that I appreciate as a viewer, how mature they all handled this segment. People on social media ripped him apart. I actually missed this episode, so I’m glad it was available online. Watching this, I felt some type of way about what he said too, even though he was joking but even in jokes, there is some truth. Everything that these men were saying, I totally agree with them.


I’ve always been a simple and a minimalist person. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and wanting certain things, but one needs to ask themselves, is it really necessary? Do I really need this or do I just want it. I know it’s inevitable but the one thing I do not like is bills. If I can cut down on a bill, I will. I’m so frugal it’s not even funny, lol. I even let my cell phone go off for a few years, after I got rid of toxic people in my life. I did more than just spring clean. Thank goodness for wifi, technology and free calling apps. I only kept a prepaid cell, that I could just throw some minutes on for emergencies.

Simplifying your life in all areas makes you feel free. 

I see how so many people let the things that they acquire in life hold them back. It’s starts to own them. They are afraid to let go of things. If you haven’t used it in 6 months or less donate it or sell it. I’m pretty sure someone else can use it. In life sometimes people get attached to things just because they bought it. Even if something is new, sell it and just buy a new one. I’ll be relocating soon and when I finally move the only thing I will have is my suitcase. I’m excited about starting over, buying new furniture especially a new bed. I read in this article that when you start a new relationship, you should throw out your old bed, and I totally agree.

In that old bed holds energy of past lovers and that’s not the type of energy, you want around your new mate. Some people go as far as purchasing a new home to make a brand new start. I just love this domesticated song :). Thanks Allen McNeil :). I’m totally for that if money allows it. Walls and space hold energy and it’s best to start a new. I went to go see my dream home a couple of years ago and even though it was beautiful, it was just to much space, the only thing that I would love in a home is a big kitchen and bathroom.

I had to ask myself, if I ever had the money, does it really make sense for me to have this much space? I could see if I had a huge family but if it’s just me, why do I need such a big house? As long as every room in the house has a purpose, then that’s when it would make sense to have at least 3 or 4 bedrooms. I know so many people that are pack rats, they are borderline hoarders. They just have to much stuff. The more room they have, the more things they acquire. One episode I caught. This woman had a 3 bedroom condo and she occupied all 3 of the rooms and her live-in boyfriend only had one top shelf. Wow really!!

They were talking about divorce and they weren’t even married yet. Got Damn!!!! She just had to much stuff and the only reason why she had so much stuff, is because she was spoiled and she was an only child and her parents taught her, that things equal love. There’s always an underlying reason on why one does certain things. She had love from her fiancé, but she couldn’t see it  or feel it because he had so many things, and she expected those things to love her and they didn’t.

When I see how many shoes, purses, clothes women have, I don’t understand why they have so much stuff, that to me looks like a whole bunch of clutter and money down the drain. It doesn’t matter if you can afford it, do you need it? A friend of mine has so much clothes, she claims she has nothing to wear, but she does. It takes her forever to do laundry, she leaves her dirty clothes pilled up for months, because she always has something clean to wear all the time, only time she does laundry is when she can’t find anything clean to wear.

When I found myself without work, I downgraded to a studio apartment. I dated a guy who had more stuff than I did and when he moved in, all his stuff took up space in every corner of my apartment and my closets. My things only occupied one part of my walk-in closet. This is stuff he could have gotten rid of. The whole time he was there, not once did he ever touch those things. After 7 months of looking at that stuff, him and his things had to go. He refused to put his stuff in storage until I did it for him. I couldn’t enjoy my new apartment that I just moved into.

My apartment looked like a storage unit. It didn’t feel like home, although it was clean it was cluttered. It literally made me sick. I got very claustrophobic. It was not fit for two people. I tried to cover his things and put a divider up to conceal it, it still didn’t work. I had no idea he had so many things. Had this been my one bedroom, it would have been somewhat ok, because my previous apartment was huge, but this was not the case when I decided to downgrade and simplified my life.

A friend of mine wanted a house, baby and marriage so bad that when she finally acquired these goals, that she thought would make her happy, she wanted out of it. All she did was complain about how she was going to be tied to her mortgage for the next 30 years. And day care cost and bills, bills, bills. Something that she clearly did not thoroughly think about. Now she wants to move to another state after only 5 years. She should have rented the house. I got tired of hearing her complain. So many people in life want what she has, but yet she is unhappy.

Living in a tiny house, or downsizing is not about not having big dreams or goals, it’s about being smart with your money. When I had a bigger apartment, I could barely enjoy it. I was working all the time just to have a nice apartment but I was so unhappy. I was happier in my studio apartment once I was alone and I saved $300 a month too! Who doesn’t like to save money! I also had a nice big beautiful kitchen which was important to me and a plus. So there was no lost!

In this life, some of us feel since we can’t take it with us, then let’s just over indulge. Anything in excess is bad. Gluttony does more harm to your whole being. You’ll find that you’ll do more harm to your spirit and pockets when you constantly buy things. It can be a disease. You’ll also block other areas of your life by having to many things. Be smart with your money. Being a simple person and a minimalist, you’ll truly come to love that less is really more and by downsizing, other areas of your life will open up and be more abundant 🙂



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