Love May Not Live Around The Corner

Mind Of An In-Depth Woman

We can not control how God will bless us with love or anything else that we truly desire.

I hear so many people talking about there are no good men/women out there. They resort to dating apps or FWB, feeling empty when what they really want is true unconditional LOVE!.. The funny thing is they are not open to where love might be.

I hear from both sexes that they can’t do long distance relationships or if someone lives a few hours away. But then you claim this person is everything you’ve ever wanted. Are you really open to love or you just want it how you want it?… You want to control when and how it will happen, you want to tell God how to bless you and you have this long ass list and rules (like most women do) some call it standards… I call it BULLSHIT!!…

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