Fathers Day-What To Give That Special Man In Your Life

No, it’s not socks, ties or a watch……In case you haven’t figured it out, when it comes to “fathers day” Most men are not really holiday men. Let’s keep it real, men are not into the holidays like women are. Holidays are really for women, they just are… you see all the jewelry commercials and lavish getaways, that’s geared towards women.

They don’t make such a big fuss for men, the way they do women when the holidays are approaching. Men would rather do away with holidays if you ask them. Men really don’t need a special occasion, to show the woman and children in their life how much they love them. They prove this every day by providing.

Men are really quite simple, what most men want from their significant other is to appreciate them, for their kids to appreciate and understand the sacrifices they make. If you tell your man thank you, that you love him, that you appreciate what he does, If you cook him a special meal. If you compliment him, if you’re affectionate and don’t reject his advances to be intimate with you, he’ll be quite happy.

If you plan a spontaneous day just for him, without it being a holiday he will appreciate it. If you do plan on buying him something, all you have to do is figure out the things he enjoys doing, then it will be quite simple to shop for a gift for him. Please don’t let it be socks and ties. Go all out for that special man in your life, the same way you would like for him, to go all out on the holidays that you like to celebrate. We all know some women live for holidays to get free stuff, not so much so men.

Don’t be cheap either ladies, lol, not just with your money but with your time and effort. Your man wants to know that you thought about him. That he means something to you. He wants to feel special too whether you spend money or not. You can always give him a hand written love letter, buy him dinner if you don’t plan on cooking.

Just do something to make him feel appreciated, not just on fathers day, but everyday, because being a great dad, a good man, shouldn’t be recognize only on one day throughout the year. The same with mothers day or any other holiday. Remember, you don’t need a holiday to appreciate your loved ones. Show them how much you care regardless of the day of the calendar.:)



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