The Entertainment Industry Is Not The Only Way To Be Wealthy

Everyday we see people chasing their dream to be famous or to be in the entertainment industry. It seems like a pretty exciting life right? Dreaming big, having a number one album or a number one movie. Looks like fun right? Well, I’m pretty sure it is fun, until you get to the business part of it. When I was a child, I wanted to be an actress and a singer. I used to hear my favorite artist on the radio and I had dreams of singing back up for them, lol and touring.

Not necessarily to be famous or have money, I just wanted to be in the background. I actually didn’t know people got paid for being on TV. It just looked like a fun job to have. When I started going on auditions, I quickly learned that in this business, no one really cares about your talent. Really, It’s pretty much about how you look and can you bring in the big bucks. Also it’s about who you know.

It’s all about networking and proving yourself to a whole bunch of people, that you’re good enough for the role. If you have the tenacity to pursue this type of career, by all means, pursue it. But it will not happen over night. That’s the part that most dreamers seem to forget. A lot of people think being in the entertainment industry, is the only way to be wealthy as if it’s the only path to life’s riches and it’s not. A lot of people want the illusion of it and forget that it’s hard work and a lot of hours. You give up a lot in the is business, especially your privacy.

A lot of people are willing to do anything just to be an A-list actor or singer. I know quite a few people that have made it and when I see them, I’m happy for them and I’m really not surprised, because I saw early on, how bad they wanted it. A friend of mine asked me, how I felt about seeing an old friend of mine in movies and where she is today and my answer, was simple, I’m not surprised, she wanted to be an actress. That’s all she talked about and that was her destiny.

I could not see myself living my life in the public eye. I’m too private and introverted. I know from seeing her and anybody else I know, that if you stick with it long enough, it is possible, but that life, I don’t want that life. I love the arts because I love the arts, when I was acting for free, it was fun and exciting. But I was not in the public eye.

I go through great lengths as a blogger to keep my identity protected, LOL. I have some loyal readers who enjoy reading my blog and (the men) want to know what I look like, but I am not revealing myself. Sorry, lol :). I don’t feel what I look like is important. I want people to pay attention to what I have to say, not how I look. I don’t need people idolizing me in anyway. I’m just a human being. You can’t get to know someone’s work, if all you see is their exterior. Which happens a lot in the entertainment industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the artist that I listen to and I am grateful, that they chose to share their gifts and talents with the world. I know it must be exciting and hard at the same time. To constantly give the people what they want and to be creative. I’m not saying every famous person, wants to be famous but the majority of “normal” people do want to be famous! Fame to me just changes people. You have to morph into what the public wants. Your identity starts to change and your ego.

People feel like they know you, because you’re on tv, when they never had a conversation with you. Everything is magnified when you are on the big or little screen. To the audience, you’re larger than life, people start imagining, the type of money they can make, the fame, the parties, the famous people they can “make friends” with. The adoration from the masses, the free stuff they can get, the clothes they can wear. People love taking pictures with famous people and posting it.

I remember when a few people recognized me on TV they thought I was rich and had connections and I had neither. I quickly learned that a lot of people just wanted to be around me, just to say they knew me. They introduced me as a title not a real person. Look what happens when a “nobody” becomes a “somebody” and people want to put their business all in the media. If that person wasn’t in the public eye, then that person’s business would not be in the media.

The entertainment industry on some level, makes it seem like people who live normal lives, that they are not dreaming big enough. That they don’t want more out of life and that is simply not true. That the entertainment life seems so much better than the life they are living now. Whats wrong with having a simple life?! Absolutely nothing!

Theres no privacy in the entertainment industry, when you pursue a public career, your life is not your own anymore. People know you’re every move, especially with social media now and when you get paid a big salary the world knows. Why do we need to know that said actor, got paid X amount of millions for? Then some people are sitting at home, thinking damn I’m at this 9-5, I want that to be me. Then they start chasing the money and the fame.

There are other ways to be wealthy, whatever that means to you, try investing, having your own business, inventing something. The entertainment business is not the only way to be wealthy or to have what you desire. Be wealthy in all areas of your life, let abundance flow and you’ll attract wealth and be more abundant that you’ll ever know. Let your love of God, life and passion guide you not just money. Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.



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