Shallow America: Why It’s Getting Harder To Recognize Real Women

It’s no secret that the world we live in, is very shallow. Everything is about looks with some people. Looks  are at the top of their list when it comes to looking for love. It’s no secret that a lot of people are paying plastic surgeons, to enhance their body in some way. Society and reality tv, well the entertainment industry is obsessed with the perfect body, when it comes to women.

It’s getting really hard to recognize the real from the fake.

Before I continue, this is not some cry for help or some pity story…..

For as long as I could remember, people have said things about my body and my looks and frankly, I’m fucking tired of it. It has not always been in a positive light. If only people knew the great lengths I’ve gone through to disguise my body, to deflect the negative attention. I had the lowest self-esteem for years, pretty much into my 20s. I didn’t even know it was that bad, until people called me out on it.

I just wanted people to see me, my mind and not talk about my shell. Men would refuse to get to know me, so therefore I never really dated. I got tired of my “looks” or what they consider to be “attractive” being the topic of every conversation. It made me feel like I was just someone who, they just wanted to fuck and then leave. It’s like they refuse to see a real person.

Women too, have looked at me with envy and I don’t know why. One of my childhood friends, refused to go out with me because of the “attention” she claimed I got. We had an argument one day and she started talking about my ass and hips. One guy I was talking to for a few weeks, tried to keep me inside the house and got extremely territorial on me, he wanted me to dress like a nun.

When it comes to my face, some woman is always asking me, what shade of lip gloss I’m wearing, did I get my lips stained, or what eyeshadow I’m wearing and I don’t even wear that shit. I happen to be a woman of color, I don’t need to morph myself into a circus clown. Being that make-up is a big part of a woman’s regimen every day, women just think all women wear make up all the time and that’s just not true.

With the media always talking about women’s bodies, and who got the latest butt enhancement or breast augmentation, it makes it seem like when a real woman has curves and she’s in her natural state, it’s hard for other people, well women to believe that she did not pay for it. They murmur under their breath, “yeah she got work done”. Why do women body shame each other?

I remember when I logged onto Facebook one day and in the new feed, was breaking news that K. Michelle was removing her butt injections or implants. I said to myself why is this breaking news? Who gives a shit?!! The magazine reporting this, was supposed to be a music magazine, but it was talking about K. Michelle’s assets. SMDH!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good and be at your best, but at what cost? I can understand reconstructive surgery, especially with some women after they have a baby, they just need some extra skin removed. They want to feel sexy again and get their confidence back. I can understand if a person really needs it, if they have been in an accident but changing your whole body. That’s ridiculous.!

We all want to feel beautiful but it really starts from the inside out. 

Why are we so obsessed with having the perfect body? Or being beautiful all the time. I saw a video clip with Kim Fields when she was on Atlanta housewives and she wanted the women to take off their make up,  And she called them out on it. I mean it’s the fake hair, the fake eyelashes, fake nails, a face full of make up, fake body parts, the high heels, expensive clothes and jewelry and its like damn, everyday?!!

You can’t dress down and be simple and plain. But then these women who are so fake, are looking for a real man. Why don’t you try being a real woman. People are getting poisoned and dying over wanting to look good and delay aging. It’s very, very sad! What are we teaching our young women about how they look? What are we teaching our young men, about how to value a woman?

Shouldn’t we be focused on our health. Our self-esteem? loving one another. Complementing someone’s life, bringing out the best in them. Worried about making our own money and being a better person. There’s so much going on in the world, people dying from disease, unemployment, homelessness. People not eating, losing their homes but yet we are worrying about, how can my butt look bigger, how can I enhance my lips and breast. We just want to nip and tuck everything.

We want to be attractive to the opposite sex, why are some of us so shallow?

These are some very sad times we are living in. Some people really need to be psycho evaluated to make sure their mind is right. No matter what one does in the physical world, we will all transcend one day. It’s not going to matter on the side. We really need to be happy with the way God made us.


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