“I Just Want To Love You” Try To Open Your Heart To Love Again

I was listening to “I just wanna love you” By Allen McNeil off his Hybernation album and one of my favorite, parts and verses is….

“I wanna good kind of love, The one we all thinking of The kind of love thats always there. I promise I will always be fair, I hope that you can change your mind, Your heart will heal up in time, And you can feel free again, Now that you’ve gotta new friend”

Don’t we all want that? Theres nothing wrong with wanting love. What I like about this is song is that it’s talking about friendship. When we close off our hearts to love and friendship. No one can get in, not even God. God is Love and even though a lot of souls are wanting and needing love. One must be patient and let it come to you. I get it, It’s hard to trust someone not to put you through the same thing, the previous person put you through.

When you see couples together, you want that to be you. You wonder when you are going to have a family. You start getting baby fever, lol. God did say be fruitful and multiple :), lol. You want someone, by the end of the night, that you can hold close. That you can wake up next too and have breakfast in bed. Someone who thinks of you, to call you and check up on you and see you. Someone who acknowledges your communication no matter how busy they are. Someone you know that’s always there. No matter what you are going through. That they’ll never leave you.

Someone who is careful with your heart. Someone who buys you a sweet gift, because they thought of you. No love or almost love is perfect. I got a chance to chat with my favorite artist Allen, on a live interview (which I was elated about) and I told him, if it wasn’t for his music. That I would have given up on, being open to love again. I know God led me to his music and his storytelling and it was something in his music, a message… that I needed to hear…. because I felt my heart closing more and more. So God stepped in and said “I can’t have my child going through this”.

Music… it’s a beautiful thing….. A gift from God.

It has been years since I’d been in a relationship. And I tried to do something different, I tried to be open, even when I didn’t want to feel what I was feeling. Even though I was going through something. I was talking to someone for the past year and it seems like things were going great then they stop because of what I’m dealing with. I saw him one time and that was it. What I miss most if our friendship, laughing, having flirtatious conversation. Just being able to talk about anything, good things and bad things, sharing our stories….

Men make it so easy for me to have a hardened heart and to just not care and even try anymore, because of how they treat me. A lot of things I never thought about, or maybe it was always there. This friend brought out of me. I felt free. I felt like ok, maybe I can love again. I see that this was his role in my life and nothing more. It was nice when I was thought of. I recall one time he called me 9 times in one day, laughing and joking that this was bad, him calling me so much, lol , but every time he got a break he would call me.

1125885636-life-in-quotes-and-the-picture-of-the-long-way-and-mercusuar-relaxing-quotes-about-life-and-success-930x522It made me smile and laughed and I enjoyed those stolen moments. Even that stopped. I know I’m not going to see him and what we had for that year when I was back east, was just what it was… when I was back east. Now that I’m finally in the same state, I will always hold our friendship near and dear to my heart. But what I learned is that I had to be open to feeling what I felt.

Even when I tried my best not to. I know that there will be a man out there, that will love me continuously and consistently, the way I need to be loved one day. Who will be consistent and never make me feel ignored. It’s been a minute since I was told I was loved. It was nice to hear and feel for that time. I know that there are good men out there, even if it’s just for a little while.

I was sitting at the beach, writing the other day, gathering my thoughts and a guy sat next to me and said “what’s a beautiful lady like you doing sitting alone. You look sad, I hope it’s not over a guy, where is he?, He should be with you and he laughed”. I said excuse you and I just laughed at him and said thank you but I’m fine, can I help you with something? (I was being sarcastic with a smile on my face and didn’t feel like being bothered). Then he said “this is for you beautiful and handed me a rose and said smile, all men are not bad, have a nice day love”. Got up and walked away.

I sat there like, what just happened, LOL. This lady noticed what happened and said, that’s a nice guy men just don’t do things like that. Then she told me about her husband and how blessed she felt to have him, when she was going through something. How he helped get her clean and gave her a place to stay. Charlie Wilson had a similar story when he was homeless and this woman came to him and helped him and he married her, when everyone turned their back on him. Not everyone is willing to help someone when they see they are down on their luck.

You want someone in your life, who sees you at your worse, helps you and still loves you anyway. Who just loves you enough to help you change your life.

I thought it was actually sweet. Shit,… lol, the last time a man gave me a rose I was 20, I’m 36 now, lol. Men just don’t do stuff like that anymore. My first love used to buy me a rose on every date and I started buying him one too. I loved when I caught him off guard with it. To see him blushing, he would be grinning from ear to ear. That’s the kind of love I want again, a friendship kind of love. Someone who just wants to see me smile and just enjoys loving me and making me happy, as much as I enjoy loving them and making them happy.

It’s hard opening yourself to love, when it’s not consistent and there are breaks for weeks and months, then it ends. How many times can you go through the same thing with a different person? I’m going to do my best not to give up on love like Allen told me, but it’s hard. It took a lot for me to be open and be vulnerable. But in my life right now, it’s simply not time for a relationship. I learned a lot about myself from that friendship and that’s the most important part. That I’ve changed and change is a good thing. One day I’ll get married, maybe even have my own family, but everything in Gods timing :).

Why Some Women Stop Catering To Their Husbands

85e46465c431fe52fcf678e833142912When two people decide they want to spend their life together. They take a vow to become husband and wife right?! So why do so many men complain, about how their wife has change after marriage? That they feel neglected, alone and not desired anymore.

This happens a lot especially after a child is born. The husband takes a back seat to the child (ren). This should not be,especially if the husband is the leader of the home.

A lot of women tend to forget that before they became a mother, that they were first a wife. Some women focus all of their attention on the child (ten) even when the child reaches a mature age and neglect to cater to their husband. I’m not talking about being a subservient slave or a doormat.

I already know it’s 2016 and women are working and have more of a say so, since they are bringing home a paycheck too. But this is not about that.

If you are a stay at home wife and mother and your husband provides, there should be no excuse, why your husband needs are being neglected. Whether it’s your support, a listening ear, your affection, for you to be quiet at times, a home cooked meal and even sex. Both sexes should cater to each other, but men mostly feel neglected a lot by their wives.

Being a mom is not an easy job, yes it’s hard work. Babies need A LOT of attention. Some women are not really prepared for the energy and patience it takes to raise a child. They just want one, to want one.

1606840241-7922834726e2bfbe604e445fb3396bc3But that doesn’t mean neglect your husband. A baby doesn’t need 24 hour around the clock care. At some point you are going to have to make time for yourself, your husband and your marriage. Marriage is not about just having a baby. There’s another person involved here. I know a few women that got married or simply hooked up with a guy, just to have a kid (s). Now that they are married or living together.

They wonder why the man in their life, is not attentive, affectionate or caters to them. Well you’re not catering to your husband either. If you married your husband just for a baby and you treat him like an ATM machine or a sperm donor. How do you expect to be catered to or have what you want in your marriage, especially if you are not being a submissive wife.

No only is this detrimental to your marriage, not catering to your husband, but you are making him more vulnerable to other women. I meet men like this all the time. They feel neglected lonely, they want someone to connect to, have a conversation and maybe even more. These are not bad men, they are just being neglected on so many levels and one of the greatest needs for any heterosexual man, is companionship from his wife. Children should not get all the attention.

It’s not odd for a man to feel jealous of the attention the kids receive, its not their fault. It’s the wife’s fault. I’ve seen women bend over backwards for their child’s request, but if their husband ask, they give him an attitude. That attitude needs to be checked at the door!! Your husband wants to know that you will be there for him too. That he is loved and appreciated especially for providing. If your husband ask you to do something. Don’t say no or give him lip.

They same energy and attention your children receive, you should give to him too, if he needs something. That is your husband. Men feel overlooked, they don’t feel appreciated, this can make then feel resentful and angry. A man once told me that when his son spent the night out, his wife was sad then when he returned, she was ecstatic about seeing him, she showed his so much affection. He said that when he went away on business that when he returned, she didn’t ask him anything. No affection, nothing. That she asked him when was he going away again.

That when he walked though the door, she looked at him, as if to say, why are you here? She wasn’t very happy to see him. I’ve witness this too, even hearing women say, when are you going back to work? Or can’t you work overtime or at night? Who says that to their husband?! Why are you married if that’s how you feel? I’ve witness on many occasions, people have beautiful homes but where is the love? They walk through the door, No one is catering to one another after a long day.

There’s no one greeting each other with any type of affection, no hug, no kiss or asking how ones day is, or how the other person is doing. No helping with taking off ones coat, shoes or taking bags from their hand. No home cooked meal, just whatever is in the freezer. They treat each other like roommates or strangers. There is arguing over money too. If you are cohabitating with someone or if you are married. Why is there arguments over money? Why isn’t there a joint account? If you enter a union to become husband and wife, you become one.

There is no independence and being separate on anything. You shouldn’t have to ask your husband for money or basic needs for you and your family, he’s suppose to be the provider. But when a woman (and even a man) marries the wrong person, for the wrong reasons. This is another reason why a wife doesn’t cater to her husband. When you fight with your mate, how can you be a loving spouse and give each other what you need and want. You can’t. You start to desire your husband less and less because you had a specific selfish goal in mine to get what you wanted.

We’ve all her the old adage, “happy wife, happy life”. Well what about a happy husband too?! Both parties should be happy and working together. Marriage is about two becoming one, not one persons needs over the others. Marriage is not a club you join for perks. If you’re not informed about why God made a woman for a man. And what a woman’s role is in a man’s life and what a mans role is in a woman’s life.

Why they are to become husband and wife, then I suggest you do some research. There’s nothing wrong with putting your husbands needs first, above anything in your life and there is nothing wrong with putting your wife first. Both spouses have to choose each other and submit to one another. But one leads and the other one follows and that delegation belongs to the man of the house.

***haters, your comments are not welcomed :). lol thanks for reading though ***


Stillness: How Do You Relax?

0c411998536fbbed57f4624ac7056eb9We live in a busy extroverted world, where we are always on the move. Always on our grind. Which there is nothing wrong with. We have to take care of ourselves and our families if we have one. But sometimes we can be so busy, that we forget that there has to be an off switch. Some of us are just busy being busy, thinking we have to fill our time, with something to do when we don’t. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing, but relaxing.

I was listening to “Dwelling Place” by Cameron Evans Featuring Allen McNeil from TROOP and this song is very peaceful. I love jazz and now its infused with R&B. This song once you hear it. It will put you in a state of mind to simply relax. This is how ones life should be. Peaceful! This song will make you be still and just enjoy the music. The beautiful saxophone played by Cameron and the melodic notes by Allen is one that you really have to take in.

I observe how some people are busy during the week and when the weekend comes, they are still busy. They have a whole plan laid out, how they are going to spend their weekend. And that’s fine if that’s your plans, by all means enjoy yourself. But what happens when you tell your plans to someone who doesn’t want to engage in your BUSY activities?

A lot of people for as long as I can remember, seem to be a bit offended by my quiet nature, when I don’t want to go out and “have fun” or what others consider fun. I’m always explaining, why I don’t want to do anything. Why I like to stay home on the weekends. Why I’m so quiet. If you read my recent post, about being and introverted homebody . Everyone has their own idea and way of relaxing. Quiet is not boring.

Things that I find fun, that bring me joy and relaxation others don’t. They find going to the bookstore or the library quite boring. They say it’s to quiet. It’s suppose to be (insert confused emoji face). They’d rather party, drink, smoke, be loud. All of those things are an escape. When one engages in those activities, you really have to ask yourself, what are you escaping from? No one can be happy doing all those things, for the illusion of having fun and fitting in.

Ever notice how people do drugs or get something prescribed, just so they can sleep and relax. Their mind is going a million miles a second. And their mind is having a reaction to it. All because they are not still.

When you abuse the body and mind, you abuse the spirit.

I don’t like engaging in loud busy activities. It’s simply not my thing. I can’t watch tv from sun up to sun down. I enjoy quiet relaxing activities, like I mentioned or even going to the museum, a garden, a jazz concert. Or sitting at the beach listening to music and writing. When I’m still, that’s how I get to talk to God, how he gets to connect with me. He can’t connect with me if I’m busy all the time.

sh_9391864If you don’t make time for God and be still. He will find a way to get your attention so that you can be still.

When I’m still and quiet,.. this is how I get to write and share with you guys :). I would have never been able to post over 150 articles in a loud environment. I get to reflect and even work on myself on a daily basis. A lot of people are not working on themselves. They’re just busy and claim that this is the way they have to be. No they don’t. One can be still and shut up, LOL. (sorry I had to say that, sounded funny in my head, lol)…

I recently relocated and the first few weeks I was in major burnout. I felt like I was going to crash. This started back east and now it followed me to the west coast. I was so sleep deprived (still am) but it’s gotten a little better. I became very irate because I was not resting and I was ‘ON”, more than I anticipated. My normal routine of what I do every morning, evening and night when I was alone. I couldn’t do when I first got here. I had to find time to get it in around others. Which is something I’m not use to but I adapted temporarily.

Because I was in a busy environment. This sent my nervous system and my mind spiraling out of control. I was talking and venting to much. Everything annoyed me and I wind up annoying others. I wasn’t a happy camper. When I’m around others who are busy non stop, I wonder when do they relax? I crave quiet and others don’t. All I wanted was peace and to rest and to connect with God and I felt internally, like no one would allow me to do that. Like I had to fight for it. I had to be busy.

When I got some much needed sleep about 6 hours, lol….I felt a little better…I wake up earlier than others, just to have alone time before it gets busy and I start my day. If I don’t I will have RBF (resting b**** face, LOL). I’ve always been a peaceful person and quiet. I’m 36 and the older I get, I crave even more peace and quiet, sure I can talk and be BUSY, we all can, but there really has to be an off switch. Some people are only quiet when they are sleep, lol.

You can’t be busy all the time. You will experience burn out. The body is an amazing machine but it’s a spiritual then physical one. It needs things, like rest and sleep on a daily basis to be able to function. If not then your lifeless, and just merely existing. If you are having a problem with getting rest, peace and quiet. Let the people in your life know that you need it. If they have a problem with it, then slowly start distancing yourself from people who don’t respect your way of being.

REMEMBER -It’s very important to relax and sleep and you don’t have to change.



Missing Someone

39d22df75f772bddd9b1325b56f75e8cI woke up today in a rested good mood, checked my email and had quite a few messages about how to get over missing someone? Then I checked my social media and it was the was the same thing. A lot of souls today are missing people, whether they are here in the physical world or in the spirit world.

This is something that happens on a daily basis. I try to offer compassion to people who lost someone, or if they’re grieving. Missing someone hurts. It just does. You can’t tell your heart to stop missing someone. It won’t listen, LOL.

There a few people that I miss, but I can’t talk to them right now because they don’t want to talk to me. And when you love someone you have to give them space no matter how hard it is. I can’t stand when I miss someone, because that means my heart is attached, that means I love them. I shouldn’t have to miss someone I love.

Someone people want you to miss them. I don’t know why but they do. Of course you don’t always have to speak to people every single day, but not being able to hear someone voice and see them. That just hits you at your core.

One of my emails, someone asked me, “I was talking this girl every day pretty much, we met, had a few good dates, we have great conversation and then it just stopped. It’s been a few weeks, no response. What happen? Why do women do that?”

It’s not just women who do that men do that too, LOL. Men have been doing that to me all my life, lol. I really don’t know why. I asked myself the same question. People get busy or people just need a break and don’t want to talk. Maybe there is someone else. Maybe there isn’t Who knows, there could be a million reasons why.

imagesMissing someone just sucks, LOL it does. Especially when you reach out and you get no response to your communication efforts. It starts to make you feel like, what you had or shared meant nothing. It starts to make you feel like, how can you just stop that quick, loving someone or even caring.

The person not responding never stops to think, how am I making this other person feel? Maybe they can’t care in the moment because of whatever they are going through, and they just don’t feel like being bothered. When you love someone you give them space.

I always get surprised when people tell me they miss me. Because I just don’t feel loved and cared for at times. It’s not to make anyone sad or be negative but I don’t. I’m always the one loving to much, caring, giving, reaching out. I have to learn how to stop. Because I’m tired of one sided relationships with people, especially men.

I don’t like my feelings being off and on. On an emotional roller coaster… for what? And people wonder why some people turn cold and give up on love. I’m a cancer and I don’t play when it comes to matters of the heart. When I care and love, I love deeply. With everything inside of me. People always feel loved by me. I wish I felt the same on a daily too. I get tired of feeling unwanted, anybody would.

We all want someone who cares and shows it in their actions, not just their words. I simple phone call, some acknowledgement. I like the type of “Miss” when you KNOW that you will see that person or talk to them soon. When you wake up and you see a text, email or missed called. That means that person thought about you in the morning or even at night. Being on someones mind is a beautiful thing. But silence stings.

130935-Never-Feel-Guilty-For-Missing-SomeoneIf you’re missing someone, I send an angel, light and love and prayers to you. I hope your heart feels lighter and that the memories you have of that person, you hold close to your heart. At some point in time everyone because a memory. But Love will come again, not because I said so, but because God did and God is love 🙂

Why Every Woman Needs A healthy Relationship With Her Father

A father is a daughters first love. He’s suppose to show her what a man is suppose to be like, how he’s suppose to treat her and he’s suppose to protect her. Not do the opposite. The way a man treats a child’s mother, is the same way he will treat his daughter (s).

Fathers…..they are suppose to be the spiritual leaders of the home. A provider, a protector. But what happens when the fathers presences is absent from the home? Or if the father is present but absent and doesn’t have a healthy relationship with his daughter (s)?

This can be detrimental as a young woman grows up. This will disturb the natural balance, that a woman is suppose to have in her life as she searches for love and seeks guidance. Some women end up going down the wrong path, when they do not have their fathers guidance. But not all women that grow up without a father, end up going down the wrong road. I didn’t..my holy father has kept me.

Usually when a woman does not receive love from her father, she looks for it in the men that she encounters. Other women do the opposite they avoid men. They keep them at a distant, never letting them get to close.

father-daughter-quotes-7A lot of women do not see a man, as someone who can really love them. Or as their provider, their protector for so many reasons, so therefore they do not look for that in any man. I know I didn’t. My father was the perfect example, of what a man is not suppose to be.

People have been asking me lately “why am I single? Why don’t I have my own family and I’m 36. Don’t you want to settle down?”. There are a lot of reasons why I’m single but I will not list them all.

It’s not that I don’t want love in my life or to have a family. It’s the men that come my way. The men I encounter say one thing and do another. They abandon me when I need them the most. Just like my father. I don’t look for these men, nor do I date them. I know that there are good men out there somewhere, but sometimes you just don’t make a love connection and that’s ok. People want different things in life. I know on a deeper level that everything that I saw growing up, had a profound effect on me as a woman, because me and my dad did not have a healthy relationship.

Had me and my father had a healthy relationship. It would have saved me a lot of heartache in the past. I wouldn’t have been the man in the relationship. I’m very nurturing as a woman. Men gravitate towards me and they act like I’m their mother. So I keep my distance on a certain level with men.

Their actions never meet up. Men have told me that they will take care of me, but at what expense?? My body? I don’ think so….When a man doesn’t do what he says, I’m really not surprised. Broken promises and just saying things in the moment, sounds good but it never actually happens. Just like my father.

According to Iyanla Vanzant, “All women at some point, marry, date or run into men, that are like their father. Even if we don’t want to. I do my best to avoid men like my father.

Only through my relationship with God and my faith I know how a man is suppose to be. The way God provides, protects and professes his love for me. That’s the way a man is suppose to be on a human level. Men are no longer leading or providing and if they do, they abuse that leadership. I’ve met men that they are tired of doing everything. Not that they are bad guys but they are providing for the wrong woman. So when they finally do meet a good woman, they want a break.

If all women had a healthy relationship with their father or some type of father figure, they would know the type of man they want in their life. They would be married, they would have kids. They would respect the men in their life. They would know that a man is suppose to provide. They wouldn’t act like they don’t need a man. Thats how they were born, because of the man. Women do not produce sperm, lol. Men do.

Never believe a woman who says she doesn’t need a man. Some women try to become the man, their father wasn’t. By tapping to much into masculine energy. Some women even morph into men. We’ve all seen it.

IMG_4490A woman wouldn’t try to use a man or see him as a financial plan. They wouldn’t just be with a man for sex either or the things he can buy her. They wouldn’t be materialistic or so independent. If they had a healthy relationship with their father. But when the mother acts like her child’s father ain’t shit. Guess what, so will the children.

If she disrespects him, so will they. I’ve seen it happen so many times, because the mother always ends up with the child, if their is a break up or divorce. And when that male presences is removed from a daughters life, She no longer respects men or trust them.

A lot of men have a hard time bonding with their daughters, because of the relationship with their mother. If there is money involved, she only looks to her father to buy her things or give her money but there is no real bond or love. Because if the mother hates him and he’s not around, then there must be a reason why, right? Wrong….. Some men want to be in their daughters life, but the mother will not allow it. Mothers teach their daughters that men are not needed.

To be independent. To not trust men. That men don’t provide. To only seek what’s in his wallet. A provider for a lot of women, means MONEY ONLY!. That’s not a healthy relationship for a woman to have with her father. Our society looks down on the male presence in the home. It’s rare now a days to see a two parent household. Even if you see them, in some households there is no real bond. No respect. I know couples who are just together because of the kids, money and a place to stay. That’s sad.

Where is the love? Where is God? God is not at the forefront, so therefore there is no real structure. Every thing that I seen or was indirectly taught. I had to unlearn. A lot of women have to unlearn what they have been taught too or else, you will have a lot single women, being with the wrong man, having children with the wrong man, if she does not have a healthy relationship with God and her father. When men decide to step up and be a real man, then women would trust the men in their life more. They will trust them to love them, to not abandon them, to provide, to lead which is what God intended man to do.

God And His Angels

1437182537I don’t know if you believe in Angels but I do. Yesterday I had a crazy night, I had planned on having a peaceful quiet weekend. I was looking forward to my weekend getaway, as I felt it was long overdue. I needed some R&R, time to mediate, connect with the creator and his angels…

But God put a stop to my plans. Whenever something doesn’t go my way, My internal conversation with God is “ok God, you’re in control, you know what you’re doing”. “Every time I do some something and I don’t get what I want, I know that’s you, LOL. A delay is a not a denial” So I learn to trust your process.

But during that conversation.. I’m like really God?? You just won’t let me have that job or car I want, lol. I’m a good person, why do you keep doing this to me, lol?? When it comes to people. I ask, why do you keep placing people in my life, that treat me a certain way and it’s not always nice. Can I please have some genuine people in my life who love and care for me, the same way I do? I think it’s because I need to love and care for myself more than I do others at times, to be honest. I’m always doing for others no matter what I’m going through.

Anyway…..I was stranded for hours somewhere, had no idea how I was going to get home or anything. I reached out to a few people, no answer. So I just waited. I was patient. I knew help would arrive soon and I just prayed and asked God to send me an angel. I know God heard me because this couple noticed, I was in the hotel lobby for hours and they came up to me and said “Are you ok? Do you need a ride?” Who left you here?” And I just thanked God, because I honestly had no idea how I was going to get back.

These people did not know me, they didn’t have to offer me a ride, but they did because they noticed I was there for a long time and I had my luggage. The couple said to me, “ever since they turn their life over to God and became christian, they try not be afraid any more and have faith in others, that when they see someone in need, they go with their intuition and ask”. The guy also mentioned that in the past he’s been burned and lost his faith and his wife said the same thing but she took him to church, (that’s a good woman), but that they had a good feeling about me and that I looked sweet 🙂

But he said , he said to his wife, “I think this woman needs help so let me go and ask” and I did. To be perfectly honest I wanted to cry, lol, not because I was sad but because I was happy and I know God loves me. Last night, even though I wasn’t able to check into my room and I was in a lobby for almost 15 hours, lol. I needed that alone time and to talk to God. God always finds ways to get me alone, LOL :). He knew that the money I had, I needed it and not the hotel. He knew that spending that money would have made me worry about it, so he didn’t let my plans go through.

God sees everything I’m trying doing to fix my situation. Even when people don’t. Even the concierge people were nice to me, they could have told me to leave, but they knew I was waiting for help and the security officer, kept checking on me. You see there are kind people in the world. God has angels all around us, if we would just open our eyes and see. Angels appear everyday. I had no idea how I was going to get home and out of nowhere this couple gave me a ride. I could have said no, thought they were crazy, have pride, have an ego but I needed it and I trusted them, God told me it was ok.

That’s another thing, we deny asking for help or turn it down, because we’re used to people abandoning us and not being there. We should not get used to the people in our lives, not being there. That’s not something you get used to, people not loving and caring. We’re worth the help and love we receive, and we need to believe that. If we give, we should receive, not just give and give. Because trust me, if you give, that person will have no problem taking. If we need help, we must say so, no matter what the answer is on the other persons end.

Help always comes when it’s needed on God’s timing. Whenever God sends me an angel, I just feel so loved :). When I come to him, I don’t feel judged or pushed away. I know he will never abandon me. Where people fail sometimes, God is always faithful. I know who holds my hand. What these people did for me, something as simple as a ride. Was so kind. I would do the same for someone and I have. When I see and know someone is in need. I reach out. There really needs to be more selfless people in the world.

I hope you know that God loves you, even when you don’t love yourself. Always know that you can trust in him and that what you need will arrive on his timing. Always know that the people that are meant to be in your life, will love you no matter what and be there for you. Don’t let your past bad experiences, stop you from reaching out to love ones. God reaches out to us, so does Jesus, so we need to do the same. God gives us favor even when we don’t deserve it, because he’s trying to change our hearts and spirits.

“BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER” Ellen Degeneres

I love that saying, because it’s true, “Be kind to one another”. No matter what you’re going through, always find time to pray for others. And do for others, let them know they are not alone. No one should have to struggle on their own with anything. What’s the point of family and friends? Let people know, that they have a friend. One minute you can have everything, the next it can be gone. It can always be worse. I see homeless people and I know that can be me or any of us. I pray that if you see someone in need, that you will do the right thing and help, because I’m sure you will want the same thing.

If you’re still and quiet, you will feel your hand being touched by an angel. God has these angels and they are real, so believe in them because they are there 🙂

How People Hide Behind Online

Earlier today I read a post by one of my followers, that I gave permission to blog on my site. I read the title and thought it was suppose to be positive until I continue to read. I was not amused and felt very disrespected. Just because I share things in a certain way about my life, my feelings at the moment, doesn’t give anyone the right to voice their opinion so boldly, especially on someone else’s blog, knowing that my faithful followers will read this.

Not only was this disrespectful to me, but also to my friend. I felt like this person was trying to cause drama and this person doesn’t even know me like that, or my friend or his situation. The post was long and drawn out and he just kept going on and on and then had the audacity to leave his personal info, as if I was suppose to be impressed by that.


I wonder if the people that leave comments would be bold enough, to say these things to my face. It’s the same with social media, people talk shit but if they saw you, they would never say that shit to your face. Some people just don’t have any common sense and they need to think before they do something, so bold without no regard for someone else’s feelings and situation.