A Big Thank You To All My Faithful Followers

thank-you-1400x800-c-defaultI just wanted to take this time, to say thank you to all my faithful followers and anybody that has taken the time to read my words and for the comments that you leave. I know my post can be very long and in-depth. I write with no filter at times. I’m an in-depth woman with a lot on my mind. I realize not every one is going to get me and a lot of things, that go on in my mind unless you can hear my words, things can be misinterpreted.

When I write, I just let it flow no time to edit but it’s how I feel. When I’m going through something, I try to share… take the focus off myself and be some sort of beacon of light or inspiration to those who may be experiencing the same thing. So many of you want and need love, are going through heartbreak, dealing with loss, whether it’s your job, money or home.

Confused about things in life and just need someone to be there and not judge and listen and not view it as complaining or being negative.

I just want you to know I hear you and I get you. As I know its not safe to keep things bottle up inside to the point where you feel like you are going to explode. We all need to vent but we must also be careful who we vent to and how much, as our energy may be seen as negative and not everyone can deal with what’s going on in someone’s life.

Always know that you can turn to God, he’ll always listen and answer your prayers. Always find solace in him first. I appreciate you all finding solace and feelings safe with trusting me with your thoughts and feelings, sometimes it better to talk to a stranger rather than someone who knows you. When I write, I wait for God to speak through my heart and I just write. I hope the things I write you find some sort of comfort in and that my words do not depress you or seem negative in any way.

I hope the energy in my words lifts your spirits and does not drain you. Sometimes it’s hard to offer inspiration with the flood of emails I get with people needing a listening ear, so I try to let God use me. At times it can be draining. But I know people need words of encouragement. At times I need it too. The writer and the reader need each other.

I haven’t written much lately, because I recently relocated and things have been crazy, everything is just up in the air, nothing is going as planned no matter how much action I take. But I know God is faithful and I have to wait on him. I know God knows what I’m going through and I just need to be silent and talk to him only.

When I check my stats, sometimes I’m really amazed at the views and followers, how many of you, love what I write and it gives me hope and pushes me to continue. It’s still mind boggling that people all over the world are reading my work. I never really thought any one would read it. I remember my first published music review. How good it felt to see my name on this artist website.

It gave me hope to publish more of my articles that I have written over the years but never cared to share for fear of my words being twisted and misunderstood. There have been people that told me, my scripts, short novels or blogs was to long and that they wouldn’t read it. I slowly let go of those people in my life, as I do not need anyone who can’t be there for me or read my work and you’re suppose to be my friend.

I’ve always love to write as a child. Lost my passion for it, for a while then got it back. Sometimes I feel I need to hold back, but that will be me not expressing myself for fear of how it may be received. I write because it’s what God put in me, I can come to him with all my fears and he will always listen no matter what, whether my life is going good or not.

So again, I say thank you, your emails and comments is very much appreciated.


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