What Is This Love Thing All About? Is It An Illusion?

love-can-sometimes-be-magicLately, there must be something in the air, because a lot of people have questions about love lately. I’m no relationship expert. As I read each email, my heart goes out to those who lost love and simply do not know if love exist anymore or its just an illusion.

I’m pretty sure it does exist. Right about now, I have my doubts about love too, so I understand. I don’t know what’s real anymore. I’m in no position to be open to love anymore right now. It’s going to have to take a back seat. While I get some things in order.

I know it can take years to recover from a bad breakup, but that’s the time you need to heal. Thinking someone loves you and knowing someone love you, is entirely two different things. Do not confuse the two. If you have to ask then the answer is no. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but no need to fret.

Finding someone to share your life with, is not as easy as one might think. This is why I don’t date. My advice is to just focus on yourself. Love you more. I honestly don’t know what this love thing is all about. I don’t think anybody does.

3ed0a9b2a5c141b820016af04db9d7efAll I know is that love is kind and gentle, it’s not perfect but it’s not complicated. People are complicated and that everyone is dealing with something. The right person will show up when it’s time. Be patient, the person who is meant to be in your life will not walk out. If so they are not the one for you.

But thank them so that new love can step in. If things don’t work out with new love or your existing relationship, at least it taught you something. Take the lesson, be grateful and move on. Every person you meet is part of the journey. No one is a mistake.

If you feel it’s worth a try, try to get back to where, you use to be by communicating. If you’re friends first, this should be easy. Don’t ignore each other and talk. The worst thing between two people is a misunderstanding.

I hope you all find love one day. Don’t give up, love can be a beautiful thing, because God is love and we are suppose to love and give love. Thank you for your emails, you are in my prayers.


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