Don’t Suffer In Silence

a76f9f142b64d187baf7c270445e3d03We all know about the physical wounds you can see, but what about the internal wounds that you don’t see. So many people suffer in silence when it comes to dealing with life and lives setbacks. The ebbs and flows can take a toll on ones emotional well-being. No matter who you are or what your faith is.

Don’t Suffer In Silence

Always know that you can talk to God, but also know that there is help if you just can’t deal. There is professional help. Find a confidant a trusted friend that you can talk to. Find social media groups to help support you. Surround yourself around loved ones if you have close family members. We should never be made to feel like nobody loves us.

No one should have to deal with things on their own. Everyone is strong in their own way. Do not think for a moment that you are weak just because you are going through something. Don’t ever let anyone make you think you are weak because you have feelings. Trapped emotions can eat away at you and can become larger in your mind, when you deal with it alone.

We see so many times people committing suicide, harming themselves by drinking, smoking. Abusing their mind, body and spirit, trying to numb their pain because they just can’t deal or feel they have no one to talk to. They wonder if God hears them and why doesn’t anybody care. So they suffer in silence because they don’t want to burden anyone with their problems.

Not releasing trapped emotions can be damaging to ones spirit. I watched the worst form of it when it came to losing my mom. Everyone told her to be STRONG don’t be negative. She was strong, to take on the life she had, to deal with all the verbal and physical abuse. Everyone came to my mom with their problems and she took those on too. But when she needed someone everyone was missing in action.

I honestly believe that had she had someone, genuinely there for her in every way so that she wouldn’t have had to deal with so much on her on, she would have still been here. But Everyone told her to be strong, you’re an adult, get your life together and that she did but she still needed love. For people to genuinely care so she suffered in silence until her heart couldn’t take anymore and God called her home.

I was taught by my mom be a voice for the voiceless until they can hear their own voice. That’s why I’m always reaching out to others. I know I need to be more careful about what I let in my spirit and what comes out of my own. A lot of things are not mind to bear but I bear it anyway, because I’m a friend and I love and care deeply, for those I know that are hurting and need someone.

When the holy spirit tells me to reach out I obey. I know it’s what God wants me to do. So many times we tell people things, because we don’t want to deal with what they are going through. I’m the type that I keep a lot to myself. You wouldn’t have any idea what was going on with me, because I’ve become a master at hiding my pain.

I’ve lost a lot of people in my life, because I opened up to them about things that were going on with me. When you lose people who way, it also causes you to suffer in silence. Crazy thing is, I was there to listen to these people. I gave of my time and myself. They felt comforted and at ease. I’ve let go of a lot of negative people who wanted to be emotional vampires.

People know me to a happy person, always positive at least I try to be. That’s because that’s what I want them to see and know. Whenever I do say something about what I’m going through, it’s always viewed as me being negative and complaining and it’s not. So I stay silent. I’m very careful with my words and try not to be negative, but no matter how careful I am. I’m negative.

We all need someone to talk to. Someone to pray with us. Someone to care no matter what and who we are.

I’ve been able to be vulnerable and share with you all, because you have been open and honest with me and shared what you have been going through in your life. Although we don’t know each other, we all have one thing in common. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience, we’re writers, we’re truth seekers and we want to evolve and be the best version of ourselves. We all have love in our hearts to give.

No matter what I’m going through, when I know someone needs me, I’m there in any way I can be. No one is made of steel. No one should have to suffer in silence when they are dealing with so much. Look for signs if someone is not well. Everything on the surface may look fine but there are internal wounds that no one can see.

Ask questions, be observant,  know how to truly listen for what is not being said. Be a friend, be compassionate. Give someone a piece of your heart and not a piece of your mind. Don’t wait until it’s to late to start asking questions, after they are gone or have hurt themselves..wondering what didn’t you see. Look beyond the surface. Look in their eyes, for the eyes are the window to the soul.

God Is love! Namaste!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Suffer In Silence

  1. *Give a piece of your heart and not your mind. Don’t wait until it’s to late to start asking questions, after they are gone or hurt themselves..wondering what you didn’t see. Look beyond the surface. Listen to what’s not being said. Look into their eyes. For the eyes are the window to the soul**….=POWERFUL!

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    1. It’s so very true! Sometimes we miss the signs or we don’t want to see it but they are there. When things fell apart for me, people saw the signs, they just chose not to help because they didn’t want to, so i heard, “you’re strong, you’ll be ok”. I know that already but I shouldn’t have to deal with stuff on my own, no one should. Then when someone is asking for help and they are told no, that person can suffer in silence and do something just to make the pain go away. It shouldn’t be that difficult!

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