Are You An Introverted HomeBody? Well, Don’t Feel Bad…Because I don’t LOL

IMG_4738So It’s friday evening and as soon as people get off from work, they are ready to have fun. Go out, hit the club and socialized. Well this doesn’t work for the introverted homebody. My wild friday nights and weekends consist of me sometimes, shutting myself off from the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind going out every now and then (maybe once a month, lol. I said maybe) but I need to know where I’m going and how long we are going to be out. Every time someone invites me out, I see the look on their face, “like why the many questions?”. Sorry but I need to know, LOL.

I get tapped out really quick, especially when I’m around constant noise. I can’t be around constant chatter for hours. It will literally give me a migraine. I don’t have clothes for many occasions, so when I’m asked to go out, I always have to think about what’s in my closet to go out in. If I have to think about buying something, forget it! Shopping for clothes is not fun to me. The stuff I see women have in their closets.

My closet would never look like that. A few weeks ago I went out with a friend of mine and we were able to just be ourselves and just wear our plain clothes. I had on short capri leggings and a jacket and flip flops and he had on a T-shirt, shorts and sandals LOL. That was really refreshing to just be able to relax, it was a sunday and I really did not feel like getting dressed up for an outing.

I know not to many people, will do that but I’m a real simple woman. I try not to call things a date, just two people hanging out. So there’s no pressure. When friday comes and after a long day and week, I’m ready to go home, shower, get naked, lol… eat, relax, read and write. That’s my idea of a wild friday night and weekend LOL. Now that I’m in LA, I can go to the beach, library or the book store.

I like quiet, low maintenance activities. Stuff that don’t cost much. As a homebody, I’m met with a lot of disdain. People can’t seem to understand why I don’t want to hang out and have fun during the week and weekend. I’ve been called a hermit, an old lady, a SAP, uppity, I’m not considered fun, people tell me don’t have kids or get a man and I just found out I’m anti-social.

I’m not anti-social. I’m anti-selective, LOL. 

I love people, I’m a people person, I can be spontaneous and have fun but not several times a week.  And what kind of fun are we talking about. Crowds, noise, sorry not for me. I don’t have a gang of friends male or female. I’m very selective in whom I give my time to. If I don’t like you. I’m not spending time with you. I see people hanging out with people, just to hang out. That’s a waste of time, that one can never get back.

Only homebodies understand homebodies. 

I need to deprogram and be alone with my thoughts and wifi, lol…, I need to reflect and be alone with myself and God and another quiet person if I’m in a relationship. Just because introverted homebodies like to be alone, doesn’t mean they like to be left alone all the time. The world is so busy and sometimes you just have to tune people out. It’s nothing personal and I’m understanding that a lot lately, LOL.

I asked a friend of mine was something wrong with me, because I felt like everyone was judging me because I didn’t want to go out and hang and I just wanted to be left alone. I kept wondering why the constant judgement. I felt I needed to change just a bit, to fit in but he reassured me that I was perfectly fine just the way I am. Sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective, because people see things that you don’t see and they are able to tell you some things about yourself.

Wether good or bad, you just have to be open to constructive criticism. Sometimes change is good,  But I can’t be fake and I have to keep it real with myself and others. If I don’t feel like engaging in certain activities, I just don’t feel like it. So homebodies across the world, we must stand together and unite and know that there is nothing wrong with us. We’re perfectly fine!

So what if we don’t like to go out and our favorite pair of clothing is yoga pants and a t-shirt or nothing. Ahhh the joys of being home naked and alone, LOL. More people should be free. More people should enjoy their own company, because I do and it’s the most liberating thing in the world!!


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