The Power Of Prayer

47ae8403d8335761fbc2b2538974e6e2I’m not one to ask for much from anyone or to put what I’m going through on others, but one thing I do have is my faith and I believe in the power of prayer. I’m going through a lot of stuff right now and even though, I know you don’t know exactly what it is and you don’t know me personally.

I can use your positive energy and your prayers. I always pray for myself and for others and do what I can for them and right now I need the same thing. Prayer changes things. It’s ok to let others know we need them. It doesn’t make you a weak man or weak woman.

Right now I need all the prayers I can get, because I honestly believe it will change things. Sometimes I think I bother God to much with my silent prayers. You probably think the same thing. But I know I can always kneel and pray and bring everything to him and know that everything will be ok and everything happens in his timing.

d0a4647dae065031e8503ea35f9b5fe8 god-speaks-to-those-who-take-time-to-listen-and-he-listens-to-those-who-take-time-to-pray-quote-1

Thank you and God is Love 🙂


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