Artist Spotlight: Cameron Evans…Rising Saxophone Star

Cameron Evans, if you don’t know his name, you should or you better ask somebody….. because this talented saxophonist name, you will definitely be hearing from in the future. I first heard Cameron play on Allen McNeils track “I Miss It” off of Allen McNeils “Carte Blanche” Album and I’ve been waiting to hear more from this rising saxophone player.

So I decided to see if Cameron was on social media. When I found him and saw how young he was, I was like wait a minute! Excuse me! LOL. This talented young man is only 18 years old and he plays like that!! My goodness….I thought my ears and eyes were deceiving me, LOL…all I could do is shake my head in amazement and smile!

Cameron plays as if he’s been in the game for 30 plus years. Not only is Cameron an amazing saxophonist. He’s also a music composer. Cameron composed this beautiful track himself. It’s not every day you come across a young man who can play with such depth, with such soul, with such emotion to only be 18 years old.

I was expecting to see an older guy, LOL. But age holds no bearing when it comes to talent and when you are blessed with a God given gift. Thats’s exactly what he is BLESSED! Cameron is simply amazing and plays so beautiful on the soprano saxophone.

When I heard another favorite artist of mine, the legendary Allen McNeil from R&B group TROOP was releasing another album “Flaunt it” and I saw Cameron’s name again on the track “Dwelling Place”. The title alone sounds peaceful. It’s just the energy and vibe you get from the words. I said to myself this is going to be good. I was right. It was beyond good. It was simply amazing! I fell in love even more with this song and this talented saxophone players talent.

I heard Cameron Play on “I miss it” but On “Dwelling Place”, it’s more profound and he has more solo parts, opening, during and closing. Hearing Cameron play the saxophone throughout the whole song, was a treat. It’s blissful! On “I miss it”, Allen Carries the track with his sensual vocals and Cameron complements him here and there…he teases us on this track with his sax… but on dwelling place, Allen let Cameron really do his thing, they complemented each other. And I just love him for that!

If you have a fine appreciation for music and you are a real music lover. You will love “Dwelling Place” by  Cameron Evans Featuring Allen McNeil . You will fall in love with it. It’s one of those songs that you will play over and over again. “It’s simply relaxing, it will make you sit back and think about where you’ve been”. This song is blessing my life right now.

This song will take you on a tidal wave of emotions and you’ll never want the music to let go of you. I have my favorite parts to this song. Like the “Trill” at 1:57 to 2:07 . You will feel that deep within your cells and you will feel the music pulsating through your body, but you have to be intuned. This is a 3:59 track but it feels like eternity!

Your mind has to be open to appreciate music this beautiful. Cameron compliments Allen’s melodic sensual vocals so seamlessly. When Allen says “dwelling place and “simply relaxing, relaxing”, Cameron’s doesn’t miss one note with his sax and and he’s in synch with Allens rhythm and his music. You have to have a good ear to flow with an artist, as he sings and Cameron does just that… with perfection!

Even Cameron’s solo part form the opening 49 seconds in, your ears and your mind is expanded. Music like this is just heavenly. One can only be grateful to God for the gift of music. The Contemporary Jazz track infused with R&B is just beautiful. You will be on cloud 9. From. 1:10 to 1:32. Is a delight. I can listen to Cameron play all day and I have, lol….. Go ahead and download “Flaunt It” and listen to “Dwelling place” You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it much sooner.

12661764_489112431272916_6440055865766916143_nWhen Cameron hits that high note @ 3:27 and 3:30. Oh my goodness! Pure ecstasy!!! And the way he finishes the song with Allen’s vocals and music. I really can not get enough of these two. I’m so glad they decided to collaborate on this song. This is a song that’s a match made in music heaven.

I hope these two artist continue to make beautiful music together because I sure do enjoy listening. I’m addicted! I can’t get enough of it! This track is so different from the Allen McNeil that we are all used to from TROOP. Allen definitely can hold his own when it comes to doing different types of genres of music.

Who knew the man loved jazz. When I first heard “I miss it” and he infused Cameron’s sax on his track. I fell in love even more with Allen’s immense talent and artistry as a musician. Did you hear his Hybernation and Carte Blanche album? Now Flaunt it?!!! Allen is simply amazing as a vocalist, a balladeer and musician and continues to amaze us and makes us fall in love with R&B and believe in love all over again. Album after album…Does the man get any sleep, LOL. Keep it coming!!! Please don’t stop!

Allen You need to do more jazz. I hope you include it on your ballads album, that you are releasing this winter. This is a fan request 🙂

R &B and jazz, how can one go wrong? You can’t. The last time I heard great saxophone playing was by Kenny G and Grover Washington off of Jeffrey Osborne’s, Only Human album on the song title “Lay your head on my shoulder“. Cameron can definitely hang with these veterans and play with the best of them.

Music like this is reflective. It makes you really appreciate God’s gift of music. Has the spark gone out in your relationship? Play ” Dwelling place” for your lover. Look at each other. You’ll be remembered what it feels like to be loved again, to make love. Are you quarreling? Play this sweet, peaceful beautiful piece of R&B jazz. Listen to Cameron on the saxophone and Allen sensual falsetto voice. Let it ease your mind.  calm you down.

You’ll probably forget was you arguing about 🙂 lol. Music has a way of bringing lovers together. I forgave a friend after listening to this song :). LOL.. The power of music. How it touches our soul. Something so beautiful as this song, how can one stay mad and not forgive. God forgives and he gave us the gift of music and instruments because he loves us so much, to heal our hearts and souls and to unite us through song.

This is one talented rising star, who is just getting started and I can’t wait to hear what he comes out with next. I look forward to being a fan for life, with this talented young man who is a star in his own right!! I hope God blesses this mans journey through music for years to come.

If you don’t have Allen’s McNeils “Flaunt it” I suggest you go download it now. R&B music, jazz. real soul music is not dead. It’s still alive and these two prove that. If you want and appreciate good music. Then show your support for these two fine musicians. Allen and Cameron are amazing artist still in the game and killing it!

“Flaunt It” is available now on available on iTunesgoogle playcd baby and Amazon 


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