Know Who’s In Control, Up Your Faith Game

6e62c7ff96e02f15079e9601f6370143I was having a conversation with someone and it really showed me, how big the ego mind is, that people think they are in control of everything when they are not. Some things, yes we do have a say, but not everything. As humans we think all we have to do is take action and it’s up to us what happens and doesn’t happen.

Well, Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not what God says.

This person was telling me, do this and do that, and what you should have done was this and that and then this would have happened. My thing is, how do you know that?? Are you God?  Who died and made you the creator?

My internal dialogue wanted to tell this person to be quiet, but I ask God to mind my tongue, LOL. I just stay quiet when people think they know everything. I’m not about to argue with a person who thinks they know it all. Sooner or later they’ll shut up, LOL.

Just because I didn’t do it in the order that this person, wanted me to do it, they claimed this is what delayed my progression. That can’t be anymore further from the truth.

I did what I could and all that I could and I put the rest in Gods hands during the process. I had faith. I prayed on it. Something that everyone told me should take 30 days, God took care of it in 6 days. Now you tell me who made that happen! Now I’m waiting on something else and I know that will not take long either, because Gods sees and knows everything that I am doing.

d0a4647dae065031e8503ea35f9b5fe8He knows I need some peace and quiet and stillness. When I get the green light from him, that’s when I make my move. Why do humans think they have all the answers when they don’t. I know I don’t. People always wonder why I end up with, what I mostly need and want and that’s because I have faith.

Yes, there are some things that could have happened to make my life a bit easier. Like winning the lottery, LOL. I’m left to do things on my own and people find a million reasons not to help. The people who never ask for anything and that are selfless, those are the people you should help, when you see and know they are trying and really need it. The same way you would want someone to help you.

But no need to fret, God always makes a way. Amen!

431993_10150612384496173_505211172_9441505_1937385859_n1There are days when I don’t know how I am going to make it, but God is always faithful, always has my back and never makes excuses not to do anything for me. He is in control of my life. He knows my heart and will put angels in my path to help me.

After everything is over, people want to thank God for something. No, thank him in advance. Before, during and after and every day and know that better days are ahead and that what you want will come to you in the perfect timing.

Not when you get what you want. That’s not how faith works. When I get what I want, that’s my faith and God working in my favor because he knows that I trust in him. As humans we can be so impatient but if we want what we want, we have to be patient, have faith and wait on him. We didn’t make this earth he did.

People never stop to think that the reason why they are not getting what they want, is because God has something better for you? And also because they don’t believe they can have it.

Remember you are a child of God and it’s time for you to act like it and know it and UP Your Faith Game!


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