How People Hide Behind Online

Earlier today I read a post by one of my followers, that I gave permission to blog on my site. I read the title and thought it was suppose to be positive until I continue to read. I was not amused and felt very disrespected. Just because I share things in a certain way about my life, my feelings at the moment, doesn’t give anyone the right to voice their opinion so boldly, especially on someone else’s blog, knowing that my faithful followers will read this.

Not only was this disrespectful to me, but also to my friend. I felt like this person was trying to cause drama and this person doesn’t even know me like that, or my friend or his situation. The post was long and drawn out and he just kept going on and on and then had the audacity to leave his personal info, as if I was suppose to be impressed by that.


I wonder if the people that leave comments would be bold enough, to say these things to my face. It’s the same with social media, people talk shit but if they saw you, they would never say that shit to your face. Some people just don’t have any common sense and they need to think before they do something, so bold without no regard for someone else’s feelings and situation.




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