Missing Someone

39d22df75f772bddd9b1325b56f75e8cI woke up today in a rested good mood, checked my email and had quite a few messages about how to get over missing someone? Then I checked my social media and it was the was the same thing. A lot of souls today are missing people, whether they are here in the physical world or in the spirit world.

This is something that happens on a daily basis. I try to offer compassion to people who lost someone, or if they’re grieving. Missing someone hurts. It just does. You can’t tell your heart to stop missing someone. It won’t listen, LOL.

There a few people that I miss, but I can’t talk to them right now because they don’t want to talk to me. And when you love someone you have to give them space no matter how hard it is. I can’t stand when I miss someone, because that means my heart is attached, that means I love them. I shouldn’t have to miss someone I love.

Someone people want you to miss them. I don’t know why but they do. Of course you don’t always have to speak to people every single day, but not being able to hear someone voice and see them. That just hits you at your core.

One of my emails, someone asked me, “I was talking this girl every day pretty much, we met, had a few good dates, we have great conversation and then it just stopped. It’s been a few weeks, no response. What happen? Why do women do that?”

It’s not just women who do that men do that too, LOL. Men have been doing that to me all my life, lol. I really don’t know why. I asked myself the same question. People get busy or people just need a break and don’t want to talk. Maybe there is someone else. Maybe there isn’t Who knows, there could be a million reasons why.

imagesMissing someone just sucks, LOL it does. Especially when you reach out and you get no response to your communication efforts. It starts to make you feel like, what you had or shared meant nothing. It starts to make you feel like, how can you just stop that quick, loving someone or even caring.

The person not responding never stops to think, how am I making this other person feel? Maybe they can’t care in the moment because of whatever they are going through, and they just don’t feel like being bothered. When you love someone you give them space.

I always get surprised when people tell me they miss me. Because I just don’t feel loved and cared for at times. It’s not to make anyone sad or be negative but I don’t. I’m always the one loving to much, caring, giving, reaching out. I have to learn how to stop. Because I’m tired of one sided relationships with people, especially men.

I don’t like my feelings being off and on. On an emotional roller coaster… for what? And people wonder why some people turn cold and give up on love. I’m a cancer and I don’t play when it comes to matters of the heart. When I care and love, I love deeply. With everything inside of me. People always feel loved by me. I wish I felt the same on a daily too. I get tired of feeling unwanted, anybody would.

We all want someone who cares and shows it in their actions, not just their words. I simple phone call, some acknowledgement. I like the type of “Miss” when you KNOW that you will see that person or talk to them soon. When you wake up and you see a text, email or missed called. That means that person thought about you in the morning or even at night. Being on someones mind is a beautiful thing. But silence stings.

130935-Never-Feel-Guilty-For-Missing-SomeoneIf you’re missing someone, I send an angel, light and love and prayers to you. I hope your heart feels lighter and that the memories you have of that person, you hold close to your heart. At some point in time everyone because a memory. But Love will come again, not because I said so, but because God did and God is love 🙂


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