Stillness: How Do You Relax?

0c411998536fbbed57f4624ac7056eb9We live in a busy extroverted world, where we are always on the move. Always on our grind. Which there is nothing wrong with. We have to take care of ourselves and our families if we have one. But sometimes we can be so busy, that we forget that there has to be an off switch. Some of us are just busy being busy, thinking we have to fill our time, with something to do when we don’t. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing, but relaxing.

I was listening to “Dwelling Place” by Cameron Evans Featuring Allen McNeil from TROOP and this song is very peaceful. I love jazz and now its infused with R&B. This song once you hear it. It will put you in a state of mind to simply relax. This is how ones life should be. Peaceful! This song will make you be still and just enjoy the music. The beautiful saxophone played by Cameron and the melodic notes by Allen is one that you really have to take in.

I observe how some people are busy during the week and when the weekend comes, they are still busy. They have a whole plan laid out, how they are going to spend their weekend. And that’s fine if that’s your plans, by all means enjoy yourself. But what happens when you tell your plans to someone who doesn’t want to engage in your BUSY activities?

A lot of people for as long as I can remember, seem to be a bit offended by my quiet nature, when I don’t want to go out and “have fun” or what others consider fun. I’m always explaining, why I don’t want to do anything. Why I like to stay home on the weekends. Why I’m so quiet. If you read my recent post, about being and introverted homebody . Everyone has their own idea and way of relaxing. Quiet is not boring.

Things that I find fun, that bring me joy and relaxation others don’t. They find going to the bookstore or the library quite boring. They say it’s to quiet. It’s suppose to be (insert confused emoji face). They’d rather party, drink, smoke, be loud. All of those things are an escape. When one engages in those activities, you really have to ask yourself, what are you escaping from? No one can be happy doing all those things, for the illusion of having fun and fitting in.

Ever notice how people do drugs or get something prescribed, just so they can sleep and relax. Their mind is going a million miles a second. And their mind is having a reaction to it. All because they are not still.

When you abuse the body and mind, you abuse the spirit.

I don’t like engaging in loud busy activities. It’s simply not my thing. I can’t watch tv from sun up to sun down. I enjoy quiet relaxing activities, like I mentioned or even going to the museum, a garden, a jazz concert. Or sitting at the beach listening to music and writing. When I’m still, that’s how I get to talk to God, how he gets to connect with me. He can’t connect with me if I’m busy all the time.

sh_9391864If you don’t make time for God and be still. He will find a way to get your attention so that you can be still.

When I’m still and quiet,.. this is how I get to write and share with you guys :). I would have never been able to post over 150 articles in a loud environment. I get to reflect and even work on myself on a daily basis. A lot of people are not working on themselves. They’re just busy and claim that this is the way they have to be. No they don’t. One can be still and shut up, LOL. (sorry I had to say that, sounded funny in my head, lol)…

I recently relocated and the first few weeks I was in major burnout. I felt like I was going to crash. This started back east and now it followed me to the west coast. I was so sleep deprived (still am) but it’s gotten a little better. I became very irate because I was not resting and I was ‘ON”, more than I anticipated. My normal routine of what I do every morning, evening and night when I was alone. I couldn’t do when I first got here. I had to find time to get it in around others. Which is something I’m not use to but I adapted temporarily.

Because I was in a busy environment. This sent my nervous system and my mind spiraling out of control. I was talking and venting to much. Everything annoyed me and I wind up annoying others. I wasn’t a happy camper. When I’m around others who are busy non stop, I wonder when do they relax? I crave quiet and others don’t. All I wanted was peace and to rest and to connect with God and I felt internally, like no one would allow me to do that. Like I had to fight for it. I had to be busy.

When I got some much needed sleep about 6 hours, lol….I felt a little better…I wake up earlier than others, just to have alone time before it gets busy and I start my day. If I don’t I will have RBF (resting b**** face, LOL). I’ve always been a peaceful person and quiet. I’m 36 and the older I get, I crave even more peace and quiet, sure I can talk and be BUSY, we all can, but there really has to be an off switch. Some people are only quiet when they are sleep, lol.

You can’t be busy all the time. You will experience burn out. The body is an amazing machine but it’s a spiritual then physical one. It needs things, like rest and sleep on a daily basis to be able to function. If not then your lifeless, and just merely existing. If you are having a problem with getting rest, peace and quiet. Let the people in your life know that you need it. If they have a problem with it, then slowly start distancing yourself from people who don’t respect your way of being.

REMEMBER -It’s very important to relax and sleep and you don’t have to change.




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