Why TV’s Should Never Be In The Bedroom

imagesWe all like to watch a little tv right? A little tv is fine but some watch it in excess. I’m not really a tv person. I haven’t seen it in months…The number one place that a TV should not be in, is in the bedroom.

Whether it’s your bedroom or the kids bedroom. Televisions are a big distraction. Some people have them in every room, even in the bathroom and kitchen. Why does one have to watch so much television?

I’m the only one out of all my friends and family, that doesn’t have kids and whenever they talk to me about putting the kids to sleep and why they will not go to bed. It always has something to do with the television. Some kids will not fall asleep unless the TV is on. Television stops you from spending quality time with your significant other and your children. I’ve seen parents put their kids in front of the television when they just don’t want to be bothered.

I learned in my last relationship that my ex loved TV more than me. It was a huge mood killer. Not only that I couldn’t sleep. So I did what any normal sane person would do. I got rid of the TV in the bedroom, kept one TV in the living room and I eventually cut the cable off. I saved some money too and got rid of him too, LOL Haaaaa Haaa, sorry I couldn’t past that one up, LOL :).

When I had a TV in the bedroom, I only watched an hour or two. It never stayed on for hours. Some people claim watching TV before bed, helps them fall asleep. Television actually stops you from getting a good nights sleep. What you watch before bed, gets embedded into your psyche. It can stop you from dreaming.

Mass-communicationBefore you go to bed, or if you’re just relaxing….your mind should be calm, it should be clear. You should journal before bed, pray, listen to some soft music. Music like “Dwelling Place” By Cameron Evans, featuring Allen McNeil. Music like this is simply relaxing. Make love before you go to sleep, not watch TV.

I notice that people who watch to much TV have no peace within themselves or their homes. They need a distraction from their own life. TV keeps them from reflecting, from being creative, from learning.

A lot of people don’t realize that walls hold energy and a lot of the things we watch and the energy from the television programming, stays within our homes. It’s the same with music. Everything is energy, people things, places. One should always be a conscious watcher when they are watching TV. I know people who watch a lot trash TV (aka reality shows) and I see how, it has an effect on their mind and how it effects their personal relationships.

I’ve heard women bring up these people in an argument.”Love and Hip Hop or basketball wives” should never be brought up in an argument and one should not strive, to become like one of these women. Thinking that being loud and aggressive is going to make, the man in their life change. How is trash TV educational? Some people are so involved with theses characters. I get it, when you are into a show, you are into a show.

I loved me some “One life to live” when it was on the air. That was my hour a day. But it’s just entertainment, not real life. Television just like music, has a big influence on ones mind. Ever notice that when you watch the news, the depressing stories they air, then they repeat it over and over again. As if once wasn’t enough. Why would you want to watch that before bed, after you already had a long hard day?

How is that relaxing? listening, to negative sh*t, LOL before bed. I don’t even watch the news. If I want to find out something, I’ll just go on social media. I just feel like if you are going to watch tv, be conscious of what you watch. Try to watch something spiritual and happy in the morning and at night. Watch something educational, learn something. When it comes to watching TV in the bedroom. That’s a huge NO NO for me.

The bedroom is a sacred place, that should only be for sleeping, dreaming, relaxing, reading, writing, and making love. Everything else must stay out. 

Be careful of the energy you emit in your home. No fighting in the bedroom either. The same goes for when you walk into your home after a long day. Leave work at work. Take off your shoes, take a shower (some people don’t) they go to bed without showering, bringing the outside world and everything they did into their home and bed. Spend time with your significant other, turn off your electronic devices. Talk to each other, have a nice family dinner.

Your home is your private oasis. Make sure the ambience is simply relaxing.


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