Do We Not Love Our Homes Anymore?

6e339bcd07b29188604acdf1d167c618I sometimes wonder why people like to go out so much and others wonder why I like to stay home so much. I wonder, what is going on in the world, that people have to keep busy with outside interest ALL THE TIME. Why can’t people be still?

I’m not saying stay in the house 24/7, 365 days a year… but why don’t we enjoy our homes anymore? Why when the weekend comes, we just can’t relax. Why don’t we respect others who do enjoy being inside. If you read my article about being a homebody. Yes I like to get out, enjoy some fresh air.

But what am I really missing? Nothing…. Noise? Sorry but you can have that. Does date night always have to be out? What about a romantic night in with your significant other.

There are people who travel to different countries and states and yes it may look different. You may get a different vibe. Some states have different things, that other states don’t have…but to me it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s just a matter of preference and where you choose to live.

To me everything starts at home. Your foundation and what you are taught starts at home and most families are simply choosing not to be more traditional. No home cooked meals, no family time. No relaxing after a long week. Every day has to be filled with being busy. Why? Why can’t we keep still?

2e4fedbe54c1ded7914a9d29b96ef3ebWhat about the joy of sleeping? Of being in a comfortable plush bed by yourself or with your significant other. The world can be draining.

God can not intervene if we are busy all the time. He needs us to be still and home and we need to schedule our lives on a daily to work on our relationship with him. To check in. to check in with ourselves. We can’t keep giving the outside world our attention or people.

Our minds needs to relax. The one who made this world we live in, the one who made us, needs us to be quiet and it starts with being home and being still. There is peace and joy in stillness. Maybe I’m to much of a homebody. It’s a just  breathe of fresh air to be still, to hear my own thoughts, to connect.

Exploration, reflection, starts within and it’s ok to move to a different city or state but it starts within. People also need to make you feel at home. Love makes you feel at home. When you have someone you love. That you enjoy being with. Thats home because that’s where your heart it.

We need to get back to that, so our spirits can find peace.


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