Shhhhhhh….Silence Is Sexy

urlShhhhhh….silence is sexy….I’ve been anticipating you my love…I just want you to walk through the door, stare deep into my eyes. Kiss me passionately. I don’t want you to say a word. I want your eyes and body to do the talking. I want to hear your body whisper, “girl I want your body, girl I want you now”

I want you to kiss my neck. I want you to make me weak with your fingertips. Turn on some music my love. You feel that? Can you trace the lyrics on my skin, on my breast, on my stomach…

I want you to grab me firmly but gently. I want you to undress me you’re undressing me, I want you to kiss every part of my body. I want you to look at me as if you are starving for my love…I want to watch you as you take me in your mouth. Tasting my sweet nectar.  Playing with your love button.

I want your tongue to drive me wild. I want you to rejuvenate me… I want you to look at me and see that my eyes say I want more. I’m begging you, please, please, please. Please don’t let me go….I need you. I want you in my love portal. I want to feel every inch of you.

Do you want me on the floor? Or bent over? You can have me any way you want. Anticipating you is making me wet…I need to cum..but I’ll wait because I want you to cum with me….



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