Let A Man Be A Man

imagesI don’t know about some women but I know for me, I like and love seeing a man be a man. When a man is a man and he is masculine at his core. He has a certain confidence that just makes him so desirable, so sexy. Men who seek to evolve and know who they are, they know what their role is in a woman life.

They know who God call them forth to be. I don’t see how some women just male bash. If it wasn’t for a man, you wouldn’t be here. I love everything about a real masculine man. Their strength, how they protect and provide, not just monetarily (Even though I never had a man provide for me. I know that men are suppose to be that way, so God is working on that).

Men are not void without emotion and heartless. I hear from them all the time about their heartbreak, about how they seek to be understood by a real woman. When I see the google searches that men make and they find my blog, it makes me laugh but at the same time. It’s a real eye opener that men feel, it’s really hard to find a good woman, especially if they want to settle down.

Good men want to go back to being old school, more traditional. And they are having a hard time finding that. When I see a man doing manly things, it’s such a turn on. I was telling a friend, that when I see a man working or doing chores, that’s sexy to me, LOL. Helping me out is foreplay, LOL….When a man vacuums and cleans and helps out around the house, it’s a turn on. That shows that he’s considerate, that he likes a clean home, that he respects my or our home. That he cares about me taking a break.

When a man sees a woman is in need, regardless of what it is and helps her, that’s sexy and attractive. That makes a woman feel safe.  A man feels like a man, from what I heard it’s in a man nature to want to be that way (that only happened to me once when I was 19 so it is possible). When a man fixes things and says I got this, don’t worry, that’s sexy… I’m ready to get it crackin, LOL…. oh excuse me, I got off track, LOL 🙂 back to what I was saying….

imagesA man cooking is sexy. As much as I love to cook, I would love for a man to cook dinner for me. Watching him be creative in the kitchen is sexy, it’s a nice gesture of affection. When a man knows who he is, it’s just sexy. When he’s protective, loyal, faithful, his strength. It’s just very attractive. Real men provide, real men protect and share in the responsibilities in their relationship. Real men apologize even when it’s not their fault.

A real man who is confident and secure wants his woman to shine. He wants her to be happy and to feel love and appreciated.  When a woman lets a man be a man, they get to be a woman. I don’t think some women realize this. Maybe it’s because they are to busy trying, “to be the man” they in return start to act like one. I don’t think that a woman should have to “think like a man“, I think a woman should know how men are, how they think and seek to understand them.

Not to be equal like them on any level. When you understand men (or the man in your life) you know how to deal with a man. You’ll know what to come to him with and what not to come to him with. I’m not saying keep secrets and don’t share but don’t over share. Some women keep trying to make men like them. A man can be your best friend but he’s not your girlfriend. You can tell your girlfriend all the meticulous details in your life and vent like crazy, but men not all the time.

Men are real simple creatures. They don’t process information like women. Men really are from a different planet mentally than women. A man is not always going to see things your way, but he can at least try to understand it. I was telling a friend of mine that when a man gives me his silence or doesn’t acknowledge my communication. I don’t like it. It makes me feel a certain type of way. I get that people get busy but days and weeks without talking.

5a36b9fc6b4e8511bd0c5c65615901ddThat will make anyone feel insecure, like what’s going on here?!. I’m busy too (and very strict with who I give my time and energy to) but I like consistency with anybody in my life, especially when I make time and I pretty much always answer the phone. I told him, I don’t expect to talk to you every single day all day, I don’t want your time 365 days or any mans. I just simply wanted to hear his voice. I feel that if I can’t see you, at least I want to talk to you.

Not texting and emailing and I can’t HEAR you. When I like someone one and I’m interested, I just want them to pick up the phone. So there’s a tone to the conversation. A human connection. Things get so misconstrued with texting and emailing and I just don’t like it. But at least acknowledge my time that I took to communicate (male or female). After I explained this, he got it….it’s all about communication. When he listened, it made me feel relaxed. It made me feel like a woman.

His masculine presence is what I needed and I couldn’t get that from a text or an email. When a man takes time to talk to a woman and listen… it’s another attractive trigger. I think that’s the key to getting what one wants, in more ways than one, LOL….An attentive man is a sexy man. Communication is always sexy when it comes to a man. Some women care about external things when it comes to a man.

But a man that has a mind, that’s wise, that I can learn from, that shows leadership…that’s a sexy beautiful thing…..You lead, I’ll follow…I’ll be by your side…riding shotgun is not always a bad thing. It’s a positive thing depending on how you look at it. Two people can’t be in the driver’s seat. I say go on and let a man be a man and indulge in his masculinity and in return, you get to be a graceful, feminine beautiful woman.


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