Surround Yourself With People Who Accept & Respect Who You Are

learning-to-accept-yourself-is-more-important-than-making-people-accept-you-its-how-you-see-yourself-that-really-matters-quote-1We all know that’s it’s important to be around positive energy. It really can make a difference in your life and your overall mood when you choose to be around people.

It’s important that the people in your life accept you for who you are and not try to change you. Change is only necessary when it’s detrimental to ones health and life. That’s the only time we should intervene. When we choose to love, we want the people in our lives to be better for themselves, so that they can live life and stop merely just existing.

We should accept the people in our lives for who they are and not try to change them for our own selfish purposes. We have a choice if we want to be around a certain kind of company. Or whether we want to accept or participate in the way people treat us. When you keep hearing the same thing over and over again you start to think. Should I change? Well that all depends on what it is.

il_340x270-658608434_oia2I started to think that something was wrong with me, because people kept talking about my personality. It seem to be the topic of the day. “How can we get her to change?”. My personality seemed to be clashing with other people’s personality. I kept hearing, I don’t talk, I’m to quiet, I don’t like to go out. People kept trying to change me because it made them feel uncomfortable. It shouldn’t have.

The answer is NO. I don’t have to change. I relocated to start my life over, not to go through metamorphosis, LOL. I wanted change in a different location and environment. I wanted to start over but not to change who I was. There is nothing wrong with me. Just because others are not like me or they don’t understand my reserved, quiet nature and the ability for me to keep my ass still, lol.. doesn’t mean I need to change to be what someone else wants me to be.

I’ve always been this way and I will continue to be this way. I want to be around people who accept me for who I am, not call me out on who I am and what they don’t like about me, because they want me to fit in their little circle. The way that I am it should be a breath of fresh air but it’s not, like a friend of mine told me….a break from the norm. I guess I’m just a rare woman and that’s perfectly fine with me.

f9deab81da4f3c95eb706dd25b7f2389A break in silence is peaceful to me, it’s a treat. I can be on if I want to. I can socialize, but ones professional, social and personal life should not be carried over into the home. That’s your sacred space. Home is for simply relaxing, it should be your dwelling place. The older I get I’m always learning more and more about myself. Always willing to evolve in a good way. In a quiet way.

There’s a time and a season for everything, even when it comes to your own life. When you are in your 30s and 40s and beyond. There comes a point in your life where you want to be still and settle down. Change.. your wiser, you want more. You know what you want in your life in a consistent basis. You know what you’ll tolerate and what you will not tolerate.

The people in your life need to understand and respect this. If they don’t then you simply have to remove yourself, if it’s not in alignment with your way of being. If it’s not your truth. Instead of people being uncomfortable about the way one is. The people in your life, they should be trying to learn something about the way you are. Maybe the way you are, they can take a piece of that and embrace it.

I can learn a lot from a friend of mine, when he chooses at times, to not communicate, yes we all want to be be acknowledge, but he explained to me that he enjoys talking to me and we have great conversation. Once we start talking it’s never just hi and bye, it’s minutes even hours…but one can not do that every day. He’ll never get anything done and neither will I, lol…. It’s not all the time you enjoy talking to someone but there needs to be a break.

Hearing that in that moment I just wish I could win the l lottery, lol (joking but not joking lol) but also create the life I want, to be financially free so I wouldn’t have to worry about working. But I can’t do that on the phone. I realize in the past I gave people to much of my time. I took on a lot of things that wasn’t mine to take on. People expected me to be there, because I was always there being selfless.

There’s nothing wrong with that but I had to start being selfish, especially when the time was not being reciprocated. Whenever we don’t like something, maybe it’s a sign that we need to change but in a good way. I know that when I’m around loud people, sometimes, my quiet nature forces them to be quiet and to tone it down. I get that a lot from children. When I’m quiet, they are. When I see loud active kids who don’t know how to take a chill pill, I look at the parents.

But there needs to be a balance in all areas of ones life. I always learn from others but never change who you are unless you want to change. Embrace it! Love it! Sometimes you just gotta not care but at least you will have peace of mind. It’s all about you being happy with yourself.


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