How Your Loves Ones, Who Have Transitioned Connect With You

Alrighty then…so there’s a spirit around me, no need to be alarmed right,…. It’s just my mom 🙂 ….

This is nothing new. My mom does this to me all the time,. I turned off this song 3 times. Thought I hit the button by mistake once, so I turned it off. I get up to close the window… the song comes again. I turn it off then it comes on again…then it comes on, on my phone. I’m like ok mom, I know that’s you,. I get it. alright. I’ll let it play :).

She does the same thing with Anita Baker, Jodeci, TROOP and Luther Vandross.

Everytime when I’m thinking of my mom and I’m missing home and the music we used to listen to. Something strange happens… It just makes me smile. I’m happy my mom takes time, like always to watch over me and to let me know she’s here when I sometimes feel like she’s not.

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this. When love is on my mind, whether I’m hurting or happy or sad…a loved one or an Angel will step in. I know they hear me. The volume will rise and the energy of the room will feel different. I know I’m not alone. I can feel their energy around me.

Our loved ones who have transitoned are always communicating with us. We just have to be opened to listen. We have to recognize the signs. Just like the holy spirit talks to us all the time, so do our loves ones through music, writings and other people.

Angels do appear in human form.

So the next time something strange happens, No need to call Ghostbusters or run out of the room screaming,, haa haa…it’s just your love ones communicating with you, letting you know they hear you and they are trying to comfort you :).


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