Does Finding “The One” Get Complicated The Older You Get?

IMG_4401Love and finding the one for some strange reason gets complicated the older you get. I thinks that’s only because you had enough experience and you know what you want and what you don’t want. I always thought love was easy and it is, it’s people who make it complicated. Love is the one thing we all want but it seems like, it’s so far out of reach for most of us.

I received and email from a guy asking” Why do women ghost after the first date.?” This is not a woman thing. This is a people thing. Men do the same shit!, lol….This kind of thing happens to me all the time. Sometimes, there is no date and a man will ghost on me and then, I find out the reason why later. Even if we’re just hanging out and there’s no official “date”, I won’t ever see him again.

When people ask me why I don’t have someone special in my life, it’s because I keep going through the same thing, over and over again with a different guy and I’m not even dating them, lol…The last time I went out with a guy was a few years ago, never saw him again, he forgot he was married with children and had several different mothers to his kids….

In between that time, men have tried to take me out, but then they cancelled our date, because they tried to come over to my house.. So I stop talking to men for a while, then about two months ago I went out with someone. Everything was fine, haven’t seen him since..We’re still friends. It doesnt matter if my life is good at the moment or if I’m going through something. This happens to me all the time and to be perfectly honest, I think it’s about time I give up being open to the possibility of anything with anyone.

People keep their distance for whatever reason and there can be a multitude of reasons, why you’re not seeing the person you want to be with or feel you have a connection with. It’s simply not meant to be and timing is everything. Work on yourself why you wait for God to reveal the right woman and man for you. Sometimes people want more than you can give them and it doesn’t mean they are a bad person, it just means they are not the one for you.

IMG_4384As I have said numerous times. I’m single because I’m tired of inconsistent men. They want me to be, loyal, consistent but they are not. Long periods without talking, Then a text or email pops up days, weeks, months later even years later. They want me to prove to them who I am and what I can do for them. I’m tired of men looking for a lover/mother/wife/provider/maid/chef/. I’m tired of getting the backlash of some mans previous relationships, that when he comes across a good woman, whose not like the rest.

He decides, I’m going to wait and see, what she can do for me first. Men keep wanting me to be a blessing to them financially. WTF!!! When I share an experience about the things I did in my previous relationship or when a man ask me a question. When a man hears the things, I’ve done, they are like “wow, she’s different. I wonder if she’ll do the same for me? I want a woman with her own money so she can contribute to my life”.

Men tell me all these nice things but then their actions prove otherwise. If I’m all of these wonderful things that you like and want, why the inconsistent behaviour. Why do you want me to be the man? If you call me a Queen, why are you trying to treat me like I’m a peasant? As much as I am a passionate loving selfless woman. I really do not think love is in the stars for me at all…I am not trying to raise a grown man.

If you’re wanting love, know you deserve better than what you had in the past or in this present moment, don’t settle. Love?? I’m pretty sure it’s out there but it needs to be on a consistent basis. That will build trust. When a man or a woman is not consistent, it builds mistrust and you need trust in any relationship. Just because one does not have the title of being yours exclusively doesn’t mean, that it’s ok to have inconsistent behaviour because someone is not your man or woman yet.

Men go hard for what they really want and if a man is not going hard for you. You’re not what he wants. Somebody joked and said maybe I should have Steve Harvey find me a man..right… maybe…I’m sure he’ll do a thorough background check on the guy, because of the way he loves and treats his wife and daughters so I’m sure if I wrote in, he might find someone who’s loyal and consistent for me…. but then I would have to go on TV, not sure I’m willing to do that.


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