How Do You Share Your Gift With The World, When You Are A Private Person?

justin-trudeau-quotes-5Sharing your gift with the world is not always an easy thing. When I first started writing again, it took me a year to publish my first article. I signed up on wordpress and other blogging sites and didn’t publish anything. When I would comment on post on social media, I would get a barrage of emails, direct messages retweets, and likes. It overwhelmed me. It did. I’ve always been an indepth woman.

Some people may call me long-winded, and I’ve been told plenty of times by people especially men, that I write too much. My teachers back in middle school and high school even told me I wrote to much. Really?! They asked me if I was headed to college after high school, lol. Anyway, This is why I posted a Thank You article to all my faithful followers and non followers, who take the time out to read my articles and leave comments, because I know they are long, lol.

But I’m a writer and I’m not going to apologize for it. I’m pretty sure I will do short articles in the future but that has not happened yet. When I was asked to keep my work short by other bloggers. I simply declined to write for them anymore, as I am not getting paid for my time and effort. Telling a writer not to write is like asking a singer not to sing. I get it, people are pressed for time. Well if you don’t have the time to read what I write, simply come back to it later.

Volia! That solves that problem :). You see how easy that was!

When I choose to share what’s on my mind, something always leads to something. I’m a storyteller at heart. Isn’t that why we all write. Isn’t that why we buy or download books. I understand you don’t want to lose the interest of the reader, but there is a story being told. Blogging and sharing advice allows me to share my gift with the world on a level I’m comfortable with now. I get to express how I feel without being to transparent. Whatever I experience and the lesson it taught me, I get to share and learn from it.

Of course one day I would love to sell out books across the world, but do I really have to reveal who I am on a much larger scale? There are some deep things that I really want to write about and I’m sure I will, but when you decide to share things, you become a target in an indirect way. I posted a pic of myself on Facebook and within seconds, I got direct messages from men. Acting like they were interested in my work, when its clear they weren’t.

In creative fields, you lose some of your privacy, people fall in love with your image and with google and all this technology, people can find out where you live. People say, oh don’t worry about that. That’s a lot to worry about. I don’t care so much so about what people say, people are entitled to their own opinion. It’s my privacy that I don’t want to forfeit. I don’t want someone knowing where I live. Not only that, what you’re worth and what you have also becomes a factor.

This is why some people in the entertainment industry are very reluctant, to start a new relationship, get married or even make new friends, because you never know who wants you for you. If you ask your S.O. to sign a prenup. Forget it! They think you don’t love them. It’s not that, you are just protecting everything you worked so hard for. You have to be very, very selective. This is why actors wind up dating within their circle, because they need someone who understands that life.

The artist mind and how they are conditioned in this field, is not like a regular person. The hard truth is there are people who just want to be with you, because of who you are and what you have. They want the perks of being associated with you. When you choose to share your gift with the world, people want to connect with you, of course you get to choose how much you want to share. I know it’s an oxymoron to want to be in a creative field and be private.

I struggle with it all the time. I’m an introvert. At times I can be extroverted but I’m not one who likes attention in any way. I don’t need praise from the masses. When people recognized me from a few things I did. It felt weird. What people fail to realize is that, you have to give a part of your privacy up when you choose to be in a public career. Some people want fame. I don’t. They chase it! It makes them feel important. They don’t feel like a regular person. They love the adoration from the masses.

When I love an artist, it’s about their work. I don’t know them to personally feel that way about them. But the human mind makes you feel connected. My readers feel connected to me and some of the responses I get from men, leaving me their personal information, trying to date me through my blog makes me laugh. They are in love with the things I say and they are looking for a woman like me. I’m not trying to have a stalker and that can easily happen.

A friend of mine said to me, “I have to get you used to being in the public eye”. I said for what? I said that’s ok, I’m good, LOL. This is nothing for him, he’s been doing this for years. It’s a blessing and a curse. It really is. Fame is not something that I’m looking forward to or want, it’s just a byproduct of being in a creative field. I don’t want to be on the front cover of a magazine, unless I’m sparking some type of change.

How do you share your gift with the world when you are a private person? Just do it on a level that is comfortable for you. You could be a ghostwriter.. you could have someone else do the distributing for you. I’m the type of person that would be in “Undercover Boss” No one will know who I am really. I just think there is a lot of power behind the scenes.

No one wants to talk about the dark side of being in the public eye. I think it’s about time we had that talk.




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