How Women Emasculate Men And Don’t Even Realize It

riznkmhI was at work yesterday and the job I have, is very physically demanding at times. A shipment came in and I had to handle it. As I was unloading the shipment to process my work. I ran into a problem. The latch was stuck. I tried to release it but it was hard. Another woman working beside me tried and it still would not budge.

At first I tried looking for a man, as I was not trying to lose a finger or bleed to death,…..So finally a man came along and helped me. After he was able to release the latch. I said to him “thank you, this is why God made men” He laughed and said you’re welcome. The woman that was trying to help me at first, said “hey that’s not true”.

I said yes it is….And the guy said (with a smile) “oh that’s cold, you can’t even say thank you, you trying to make me feel bad?” One minute he had a smile on his face, glad that he was able to help and probably felt good and here this woman is, trying to take that away from him. A man being man.

Before I continue, men.. real men, like to help women. It makes them feel good, it boost their ego that that can do something for a woman, if a woman will let him. I had to cut something yesterday and the blade I had was not giving, so once again, I waited for a man to arrive and I asked and the guy was able to cut the box for me.

I’m a woman, and to be honest the work I’m doing I really shouldn’t be doing, LOL…really, this job is really a mans job, which would explain why there are so many men there.. but work is work and it is what it is. I have bills, lol…oh back to what I was saying…..

I said to this woman, men are physically stronger, than woman. and she said I’m stronger than my husband, because I work out a lot. I said to myself, “if you are stronger than your husband, then why weren’t you able to release the latch?”. We both couldn’t release it. We went on and on for about almost 10 minutes, about a mans physical strength.

I was not giving into what she was saying and she was not agreeing to what I was saying either. I consider myself a pretty handy woman. Certain things I can fix myself and it’s great to know how to do these things, just incase a man is not around. But if I had a man, I would let him do all the hard work. That’s his job.

This woman, along with the rest of the hard looking women there, really want to be men and be equal to a man. Just because we couldn’t release the latch doesn’t make us weak. Then to blame it on it being stuck or manufacturing… the latch was hard for safety reasons and it was meant for someone, a man, that is physically stronger to release and move it.

kurtz-featureI was not losing a finger, to prove that I can do it as a woman. God didn’t make me in the image of a man. He made me in the image of a woman. My body is built a certain way to carry out certain task in life, to bear children, if I decided.

For my legs to be able to hold a certain amount of weight. For my hips to be a certain way. For my glutes to support my back. To be graceful and soft. To be sensual. For me to be physically attracted to the opposite sex.

These are not sexist remarks….the body has many functions and for a woman, it’s not to be lifting heavy shit and operating a forklift or bulldozer. I sometimes wonder why women want jobs that are meant for men. Why do they want to be in a mans world, where it’s very strenuous on the mind and body. Men build houses and buildings, now women want those jobs.

sexstereotypes1For what? Women can work, I’m not saying they can’t, but why not choose jobs that are closer to home. Jobs that are more quiet. Ever notice that when women take on masculine jobs, how their body and even face changes?

How they morph. Their testosterone is kicking in and they don’t even realize it. Women want to be men and over time, they start to actually look like them. Some are even more masculine than men themselves.

I wonder what was this womans point in trying to emasculate this man. He just helped us, so we wouldn’t have to climb inside and get our items, so that we wouldn’t hurt ourselves. He was protecting us and she just, (what I felt in my opinion) couldn’t even see that and just disrespected and emasculate him.

She couldn’t even say thank you. I already see who wears the pants in her house. Ladies, real ladies, let a man be a man. Don’t take that from him. If God wanted you to be a man, he would have made you one, lol. Kindly stay in your lane and be the graceful, beautiful woman, that God call you forth to be :).


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