Love Should Be Your Dwelling Place

901152-bigthumbnailI was listening to “Dwelling Place” By Cameron Evans Featuring Allen McNeil. If You havent heard it, you need to download it now. This song is so peaceful. So sensual. So beautiful. So quiet. It’s also very reflective. This song beautifully captures love through music, the way it should be. Peaceful!

People say to love someone is not easy, that it’s difficult. I beg to differ. Maybe they have never been in love before or never really loved someone so passionately. Maybe the love they have or have had in the past, was way past it’s expiration date. Of course no relationship is perfect but love just like “Dwelling Place”, should be peaceful and relaxing.

The person you choose to love, should be your dwelling place. You should find comfort in them. Comfort in loving them. Their arms should feel like home to you. You should enjoy loving them and making them happy. Love should feel like, the way God loves us. That good kind of love. That fills your spirit. That makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. It should rejuvenate you not drain you.

5a36b9fc6b4e8511bd0c5c65615901ddLove doesn’t make you question where you stand with someone. Whether you should communicate with them or not. Love makes time.

Love is showing someone, you’re never to busy to pick up the phone and say I just called to hear your voice and say I love you, I was thinking about you.

No long conversation needed and no text either. Love doesn’t make you feel lost or conflicted. If you have doubts about love or the person you choose to love, then the answer is NO, this is not the person who should be taking up space in your heart and mind. You need to slowly let that person go.

We should all know that love is patient and kind. Love is not sex. Anybody can do that. Love is when someone has your back and they are protective. Love is appreciating everything someone does and never taking it for granted. Love being careful with someones heart.

Love is never wanting to see the person you love hurt or have them question the love and loyalty you have for them or the love and loyalty they have for you.

Love is faithful. When you have love in your life, from someone who truly knows how to give it, it should come naturally and effortlessly.. If you are single, in an ‘almost relationship’ or in a relationship and you are conflicted about love and where you stand. If your emotions are walking on eggshells.

Know that this is not love.

It’s time to have a heart to heart with the person who’s making you feel this way. Love does not make you sad. It does not cause you any pain. Love does not keep you guessing. Love does not ignore an open heart. Some people need to be reminded on what love is and they need to be taught how to love.

So many people are in relationships, just to say they have someone, but they are not in love, they are just settling and dealing because they put in time. This is very damaging, as this is blocking the person who is truly meant to love you, the way you need to be love from entering your life.

It’s better to be alone and patiently wait for the man or woman that God has for you. As much as I’ve been put through the ringer by men. I have to guard my heart, I’m exhausted to try again. I’m a simple woman, who just wants a man to be consistent and not play with my emotions.

IMG_4448I’m holding on, that there will be a loving man, who will give me his love, heart, time and attention and not think twice about it. That he will see that he has a rare woman in his life.

What others fail to see and know, he will see and protect and appreciate all that I am and all the love that I have to give. That God made us just for each other.

Love is knowing who you are, so that when you are with someone, you know how to give them the love they deserve, because you love yourself and know what you deserve. Your soul sees their soul. You have the male or female version of yourself. love gives you peace.

Remember love is not one sided. Love should be your dwelling place.


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