I Have Some Compassionate Faithful Followers

In this world of writers and readers, I see that I have some compassionate and faithful followers, who feel or have felt the way I feel when it comes to love and relationships. We’re all connected and love to support each other. I see that you all are paying attention to what I write or other things that I post and that you are taking the time to read it and reach out to me, and for that I say thank you :).

chalkboard_quotes_mannI write a lot about relationships and love, because I believe that when you have an experience or you feel a certain type of way, you should share it and maybe you can help others. You all are helping me as well. I read your work too and I do my best to collectively post, because at times, it’s hard responding to the multiple emails I receive and comments. I do my best to answer as many as I can.

Yes, I feel like love has not been on my side in a very long time. It’s been years since I’ve really been in love. We’re all human and no a relationship is not the answer to lifes problems..it should be a complement….but we all at some point in our lives, want someone to share our life with.. We all want someone who we can talk to, about how our day went or just to hold us.

We all want someone to meet us at the door with a warm embrace and kiss, that says I miss you…no matter how old we are, we still get that feeling of when we look at our phone and its the person we want to speak to, or hear from so we answer and smile. Then when it rings or you get a text or email and it’s not the person, you want to hear from in that moment, you’re like damn….

Because hearing that persons voice is the only thing you want to hear in that moment. Or when you wake up you want to hear or see that person first thing in the morning. I don’t believe we’re meant to be alone. I think it’s forced upon us, just like independence. Everyone should be self-reliant and able to take care of themselves.

But we all need each other and we all need to give and receive love. This world did not become populated by some science experiment. People mated.. (I’m being funny here and sarcastic.) There’s nothing wrong with admitting you want love or you want companionship, whatever you want to call it.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want to hear from someone and see them and touch them, and kiss them. To see them smile and see their laughter…it’s like you hear your favorite artist, but you also want to hear and see them live in concert… not just on the album…either way you want to connect, even if you’re way up in the top row….

You’re human, not a robot. The human spirit is suppose to want affection, to hear someone say they love them….to want intimacy, friendship, to make love and be loved. It should be peaceful. Every day people are searching for love. They want to start a family, leave behind a legacy.

Look what happens when people do not receive love, they go looking for it. Some people settle. It doesn’t make them a bad person, but they want to feel close to someone, on an emotional level and express that physically. They want to feel appreciated and loved and cared for. So they get it how they get it.

I enjoy my alone time…. I really do :). I want a loving man who will be peaceful and not smother me. One day I just want to be so high off of love, that I’ll be a freaking addict,.. I miss that feeling…I’m pretty sure I’ll have it again one day….I’ll do my best not to give up on love and neither should you!


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