Does Your Significant Other, See The Great Qualities You Possess?

IMG_4142For this answer some might say yes, others might say no. Some people are very fortunate to have a partner in their life, that sees them for who they really are and compliments them on the qualities that they possess. For others not so much so.

When you are in a relationship with a person who does not SEE you. Of course you start to feel invisible. You feel like you are not being appreciated for what you bring to the table and for the person that you are.

One thing I know about men, especially since they rarely ever get complimented by the woman in their life. That men like their egos stroked. They just do. It makes them feel desired. It makes them feel appreciated.

You compliment your man ladies and those little things that you want done around the house, like the dishes and for him to vacuum or anything else your heart desires. Will get done! 🙂 

Compliments make us feel good. Ever notice that when you compliment someone, how the light goes off in their eyes. When people compliment you on your personality and the things you love to do, it inspires you and gives you hope to accomplish your dreams. It activates serotonin.

I feel that when you are in a relationship, that you should compliment the qualities your significant other possess. Failure to do so, could lead to problems in your relationship, whether you realize it or not. I notice that the men I dated in the past, failed to see the real me.

When I would get complimented by a stranger, teacher or a friend for something I said or for the way that I am. It made me think. Why doesn’t the man in my life compliment me and see me the way these people see me? When I would always complimented them and saw their potential and talents.

One can survive without compliments in life but its’s nice when it’s given and when it’s genuine.

Compliments given by the one you share your life with on a daily basis have special meaning. This is the person that you are suppose to evolve with in life. If they are not taking notice and have blinders on. Something is clearly wrong. One thing about me, once someone gets to know me is that I am very passionate woman.

When I love, I love real passionately. When I fight for someome and how I have their back, I’m passionate about protecting them. Their fight is my fight. Their pain is my pain. I’ve always been a soilder since I was little but very few people have noticed it. I’m not half-ass in anything that I do and with the people that are in my life.

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier this year and he said to me “You’re one of the most passionate people I ever experienced in my life“. I was in the kitchen cooking at the time and when I looked over and read those words, it caught me off gaurd and I had to sit down. I said to myself, what did you just say to me?.

I read those words over and over again. I was literally speechless. No man has ever called me passionate. They may have noticed it and wanted it in their life. But they never spoke of it to me. Those words meant a lot to me, because men are always mentioning something about my looks and I felt like for once someone noticed my passion.

I felt like my brain was complimented. Men always want me to ackowledge who they are and they love the way I make them feel, but rarely is it ever reciprocated. To read those words, it was nice. I felt like someone saw me. That I didn’t have to apologize for being myself and being so raw at times. That I could be vulnerable, express myself and not be judged.

I wondered again, why didn’t the men I date, see this is in me. Why did they not support me. Why was my very being, always being put down in some way indirectly. I realize that this was done on purpose. This was also selfish too. Sometimes in a relationship, you have someone who wants all the shine. They want all the love and attention. They want their ego stroked. They don’t want to share.

When you’re in a relationship with someone their shouldn’t be any competition. I realize If I felt good about myself, this would give me the confidence to do certain things, whatever that may be. I learned that some people really do not want to see you shine. Passion is what drives me. It’s the reason why I write. Becasue I have a passion for it.

Men and other people have put down my writings, without even reading anything I wrote. My words are to much for them. Especially how I feel about music. Thats another thing, my friend said to me, “that my love for music was so attractive to him.”  Once again, I was caught off gaurd, because I was in a relationship with someone and we argued about music.

He knew what I heard in music, I wanted. He knew I saw myself in music and that I was emotional and he simply did not want to deal with my emotions and he didn’t want to be romantic either. What’s a life without passion? When you love, you should love with passion. When you notice something good about your significant other. You should speak life into it.

They may not even know they posssess this quality and even if they do. Water it. Nuture it. Let them know how much you love them. Let them see your enthusiam. Let them know how it makes you feel, that they have this special quality that they possess.

Get excited about it and make them get excited too.  Compliments can go a long way when you use all of your senses in your relationship. Show them that you love loving on them. Show them that you believe in them and celebrate them, for the love and light that they are.


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