gavel-300dpi-smallCan you hear the gavel slamming? To those of you, who have a family. If you feel like you are losing control, with having order in your home.

Then it’s time to go back to more traditional ways with parenting.

Old school discipline needs to make a comeback ASAP.  Your child(s) life depends on it. Children today are not learning the values that they once did from back in the day.

I see so many single mothers especially and even some two parent households struggle to have order in their home. This shouldn’t be. You are the parent, not your childs friend. Everything starts at home. The way you raise your child at home. This will show them how they conduct themselves in the real world.

Children today have too much. unfortunately a lot of single parents think that the way to have balance in their home, is to give the child everything they want. Even if the child behaves badly and brings home bad grades. They still get rewarded for it. They are still allowed to do and have what they want.

I saw a woman on a talk, trying to get help from Steve Harvey about her son by way of hypnosis, for not doing his homework. She looked petrified to discipline her 8-year-old son. Parents why are you afraid of your child?? A child you carried for 9 months. Is your child the devil named Damien, LOL. Your child should fear you in a way, to know not to mess with you and know you mean business.

That when you say do your homework and do your chores, there is no back talk. There is no negotiating. Stop giving in!!! This child got to play video games as soon as he got home. Parents have to stop negotiating with their kids. Instead of this woman just taking the game system away, she gave in and let him have it in his room.

This is what most parents do, refuse to instill discipline. Children know exactly how to play on their parents emotions to get what they want and to not do what they have to do. This is very damaging, this child and like many children not taking their education seriously. Now youre raising an illiterate child who doesn’t see the importance of learning. This is why some kids drop out because they don’t know how to read and write.

If their parents don’t care, why should they care. This kind of lackluster attitude is the reason why kids manipulate their parent(s). I’ve witness a father turn off the tv, and tell his kids not to watch TV and do their homework and pick up their clothes and the kids, turned it back on and the mother did too. Because she did not want to hear her daughters complain or cry.

By her doing this, this why the kids choose to go against their father’s word, because the woman of the house, does this on a daily basis. Not once have I ever heard the mother say “listen to your father” or agree with him. That’s because she does not respect him as the head of the house, so the children don’t either. Most single mothers are tired and when they get home, they just let their child(ren) do whatever they want.

Because they don’t want to be bothered. They want to have me time, so they keep their child occupied and busy with TV and gadgets. Not monitoring what they are watching or doing. As long as they are out of their hair. Even when it comes to food, they let them just pop stuff in the microwave. The average single mother is tired and doesn’t want to be bothered. Therefore there is no order in the house.

The kids are not picking up after themselves. I’ve seen kids come home, throw their clothes on the floor and immediately go do other things. Instead of doing their chores. They always tell their mom (and even their dad) it will be done later. Now they have the authority and if they get away with it. They continue to do it.

Most kids in a single parent home have a tendency to not listen to their mom, because their mom is softer and more lenient. I’ve seen kids call their father mean, just because he tried to establish some order and discipline in the house. Now little girls that will turn into young women and eventually an adult, will think that all good men are bad.

They will not let a man tell them what to do, because they don’t respect authority and leadership. Because they see their mother talk back and disrespect their father. I knew a woman who left her man, took the kids away from him, because he wanted her to be responsible and cook and clean and he has OCD. Pretty much he wanted her to be a mother.

Nows she’s with a woman, that’s untidy just like her, because she didn’t want to clean and listen to a man. She’s raising her kids to be the same way. What kind of dumb ish is that?? She dropped out of school now it looks like her son is headed the same way and she gave up and doesn’t care. You see the cycle here? Letting your child do whatever they want is not the best way to raise a productive adult for society.

Parents today really need to go back to the way, our great grandmothers and elders raised their children. Starting with home cooked meals. I’m really tired of seeing young kids eat crap every day, just because their mother refused to cook a home cooked meal. A child that’s 5 years old and up, should not know how to even use a microwave to prepare themselves dinner.

I’m sorry but this is bad parenting. When I was a toddler my mom had me in the kitchen. I’m 36 and I’ve been cooking ever since. Now I’m not saying you can’t go out to eat every once in a while. Because even people who cook get tired of cooking, but not 365 days out of the year, you eat out or you’ve become a microwave queen.

And everything you buy is already in a box. That’s not a home cooked meal for your family. The worst advice I ever got from a woman who had kids, was “set a side a budget to buy lean cuisine and to eat out, because women are not cooking anymore and people in CA do not want you in their kitchen”. And this was coming from a woman who was 56. She should know better and be ashamed.

No child should be allowed to avoid responsibility. Kids today get away with too much, this is why they don’t know how to cook and clean when they get out on their own. That’s because their mother didn’t teach them that having a clean home and cooking was important. Everyone should love a clean home. Your home is not a landfill.

Everything starts at home, the values and life skills you teach your children will take them further in life. They will be more disciplined in all areas of their life. Stop enabling them to keep them quiet. They need these life skills to be self-sufficient. One day they will have a family of their own and teach their children the same things they were taught.

Don’t raise a slob. No ones home should look like a bomb hit it and dishes are in the sink for days and the laundry is piled up like mountains. Stop being lazy and establish some order in your own home. Take back your power and stop letting a child rule you. Stop rewarding bad behavior. Only reward good behavior Show some tough love. They will thank you for it later.


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