Simplify Your Life: With Less Things And Less People

A lot of people think that the more they have the better, whether it’s things, people or money in their life. They can’t be any further from the truth.

Some people do not really understand quality over quantity. When you lead a simple life and you are a minimalist. It really does make you more happy.

Having less does not mean that you don’t have desires or aspirations to have more, it means that you are smart with your money. That you make sure you have what you need all the time, versus what you want all the time.

It means that you make sure that your responsibilities are taken care of, before you spend that money on those expensive pair of shoes or that brand new car. It means that you don’t engage in gluttony. I know people who have way more than they should. And I ask myself why?!

Maybe because I grew up a certain way and my mom, made sure we had our basic needs met. Our wants came later and we had to earn them. Things were never handed to me. Growing up with less really made me value life more in all areas of life. When you have less, you don’t take basic things for granted.

You learn to appreciate things more. It made me smart with money. I got to see how much of a superwoman my mom was with less and how she just made it work. Her resilience showed me how strong she was. The life lessons my mom taught me, prepared me at a young age for when she would not here on this earth. That there would come a time when I would have to take care of myself.

I learn the importance of saving and always having what I needed. Most people don’t learn this until later on in life or not even at all. I know people who have a lot of clothes and shoes but claim they have NOTHING to wear. They have to many options. Having to many option is not good. You can’t make a decision when you have so much to choose from.

Ever notice women who have to many clothes and shoes, can’t make up their mind for anything. Had they had a couple of outfits they can interchange, they would be ready and out the door. But time is being wasted. The problem is we have too much in this world. We consume too much and we think It’s necessary when it’s not.

I see people cry broke and waste their money on going out to eat, then when they get home, claim there is nothing to eat. Because all of their money was spent on eating out instead of grocery shopping. It’s true for some, that the more money people make, the more they spend. People can simplify their life in a variety of ways. If you haven’t worn something in a few months, give it away.

If you haven’t used something donate it or sell it. I know quite a few people who are pretty much hoarders. But this is a sign of something deeper. Some people are trying to fill a void. They are looking for things to fill them up, to love them. Things can not love you, only God, yourself and people can. They fill empty so they shop. All of this is emotionally based.

A girl I know is always shopping, it doesn’t matter what it is. She wakes up every day and just shops. Every time she gets the paper and clips coupons, she has to go spend money. I explained to her how coupons work and how they have to get you to spend money, the marketing ploy they use, but she doesn’t care.

She does this because she grew up not having a lot. She had a big family and they always ran out of everything, especially food. She’s afraid of not having. She’s buys so much food, she needs to throw food out to make room for the new food. She doesn’t realize she is wasting money. If she would address her problem, there would be no need to buy the same thing every couple of days.

She shops as if the world is coming to an end. As if she has 12 people in the house when there is only 3. She doesn’t realize the key to having more is living a simple life. Most relationships are ruined over money. Someone is trying to save and someone wants to spend. It’s easy for a person to spend, if they are not the main breadwinner.

I’ve heard people say, “one life, I’m going to live it up and spend, because I need it now and I can’t take it with me”. And they wonder why they are broke. Saving money is the best way to assure yourself that you will have what you need. Not by spending it every few days. The more people have the less they are organized.

I’m always looking for more ways to simplify my life. It starts by identifying the purpose of whatever it is that you need and may even want. If you can do without it, then forego it. Fill your life with more meaningful things. The same goes for people. Not everybody is your friend. Do you really need 20 best friends. Make sure your circle is small and close.

Doesn’t mean that you have to cut everyone off, unless the relationship is toxic. It just means that you don’t have to spend, that much time delegating your time to so many people. Foster the relationships that mean more to you. Be with people who you don’t mind talking to and seeing once in a blue.

Make sure you have more in alignment with those relationships that are meaningful. Make sure that those relationships give you space and peace. Simplifying your life, means that you get to do some soul-searching. It means having peace of mind, having more me time. Most importantly, you get to have more time with God.


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