How To Keep Your Home Organized

a-place-for-everything-quoteKeeping a home organized is not as hard as one may think. I get it, at times, you are just plain ol’ tired. I know the feeling, don’t we all. But I find that the best way to stay organized and to keep your home tidy is to get the mess, before the mess gets you. That mess didn’t accumulate on it’s on, someone had to do it.

You know those home stores, bed, bath and beyond, the container store, walmart, kmart. Even the 99cent store. They have everything you need :). Try stopping in there, you might be surprised what you can find, :). It’s not the shoe, clothing or jewelry store but guess what?? They sell brooms, mops, cleaning agents and a whole bunch of other things to keep your home organized and clean.

Everything in your home should have a purpose and a place. If it doesn’t trash it, donate or sell it. Trash for example, belongs in the garbage. Now I’m not being funny here… because I’ve seen people leave trash and food on the floor and in other places of their home. They drop something on the floor and walk away, next thing you know, a free-loading visitor (aka rat, roach or ant) comes and picks it up.

Just like dirty clothes or the laundry. It doesn’t belong on the treadmill or in the kitchen or on the floor in your room or bathroom floor. It belongs in the hamper. You can buy a hamper at walmart. Afer the laundry is done, fold and put away.  When you use something for example dishes. Wash it and put it away. I don’t care when you do it, just do it and not leave it there for days or months.

256fb6ec5f82272356be424a1219b88dOne of my biggest pet peeves is dishes in the sink. The only time I leave a dish in the sink is if it needs to soak. Other than that, I wash it immediately or before I got to bed. If you have a dishwasher use it. Dishes, pots, pans, belong in the cabinets, put away. Not on the counter or on top of  the stove or inside the stove for days and not in the bedroom either. Cabinets are there for a purpose, use it.

Get into the habit of putting things away. When you take off your clothes, hang them up, don’t throw it on the bed or on the floor or any other area of your home. Once you get into the habit of putting things away, your home will stay tidy and there will be no need to be overwhelmed by the mess.

Vacuum once or twice a week. Sweep, dust briefly 3-4 times a week, to keep dust from accumulating. It will only take a few minutes and mop the floor too. A lot of people do not like to mop. When you spill something mop it up, don’t leave it there. That goes for in the refrigerator too.

In all honesty, there should be no reason anyones home is a mess. If it is that just spells neglect and just laziness. Respect and love the space you’re in. If you pay rent there, respect the money and the space you dwell in and your landlords property. Love yourself enough to know, you deserve to live in a clean organized home.

Make a ‘to do list’ and keep it where you can see it. If you are overwhelmed with keeping it together. If you have kids make them help. Simplify your life and get rid of things and people because they can keep your place a mess.

When my last relationship ended,..oh man….(takes a breath….I’m smiling :)..) the joy of not coming home to dishes in the sink or in my bedroom or living room. My apartment was much cleaner, the way I left it. My bed stayed made, there was no hair on the sink, floor or toilet. No shoes on the floor for me to trip on. No clothes on the couch.

imagesYeah, I’m talking about a man, not a 2-year-old, lol. But I mind as well have had a child, because then it would make more sense, lol. I’m in no rush to live with anybody. I’m traumatized, lol. Only have people in your life, who respect your home and the way you live.

Men just incase you are reading….Nothing sexier than a man who cleans!! You want us to clean, clean too! When you shop for something, make sure that when you purchase it, there is a place for it. If not leave it at the store until you know where you are going to put it.

If you must leave something out. Make sure it’s neatly organized and not thrown. Like your robe, that can be placed on a chair or hook. Toiletries can be neatly organized but they should really be in the bathroom on in the drawer out of sight. Your home should looked lived in, but it should look like a model home, clean, organized and immaculate :).

Remember when you are organized in your home, you are organized in all other areas of your life!!


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