Why Being A Late Bloomer Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To You

7f7bf87a96dc3a5c624384cedec4a519I was up in the middle of the night, having a conversation with God and I was thinking about my life and the things that I wanted to do and become when I was younger.

I had dreams of being a performer. The bug hit me when I was little. I wanted to dance, act and sing but I was always writing. My mom was my biggest supporter. I remember the look in her eyes when I told I wanted to be an actress. Tears of joy.

Like one of her children dared to dream. But my life took a detour when my mom passed when I was 14. I went to go live with my father and everything I wanted to pursue. I really couldn’t. There was no support at home and there was no support at school either.

The high school I went to had no extra curricula activities. I tried to start a dance team, step team and acting club but nothing. The kids there were lazy and unproductive. This school was absolutely the worse. I realized I wasn’t around a lot of dreamers and people who wanted more out of life, just people merely existing.

I needed to express myself. I felt trapped in a school where there was no creative outlet, except one creative writing class and english class. Finally some hope. I always loved to write. I just stopped after some things that happened at home.

I tried to pursue the things that used to bring me joy when I was young, but my passion for it died. It wasn’t fun. Later on, I put myself out there…I got a chance to be on a few television and movie sets. I always wanted to see what that life was like. Mission accomplished!

With my inquisitive mind, I would watch movies and shows and I was very intrigued, about what happens behind the scenes and who created the content. I thought all the dreams I had been left on the island. But God would step in and prove me wrong. That the gift he instilled in me, was still there.

That there was one thing that I love to do, that would slowly come back to me….. and that was writing.

In middle school, I love to write and direct and during assembly’s we would perform them. I remembered that feeling of writing and directing. So In my 20s I started writing again, then put it down. Life was getting in the way,  especially working in corporate america and my dreams took a back seat for a minute.

Eventually I wind up picking up my pen again and this time, the timing was perfect. But everything around me was falling apart. But I just kept on writing….The more I got deeper into it. It dawned on me that it’s ok to bloom late in life. I’m glad I didn’t pursue acting full-time, I never wanted to be in front of the camera anyway.

I always felt like the power was more behind the scenes. I wanted to be the person who wrote the content and see my words come to life. What I needed in life, that God led me too, was life experience. I needed to have something to write about. I needed to experience pain, struggle, love to build my character. I needed to have a testimony. I needed to have resilience.

The entertainment industry is not all it’s cracked up to be and you must have a strong foundation and faith in God to be able to withstand what goes on and to avoid temptation. If your faith is not strong you can fall for anything people say and do anything to make it. I didn’t want to be that person, partying, drinking, smoking, being with men.

In that world, you never know who wants you for you, or for what you have and who you are. The fame in that world of entertainment will blind you and even the money. I didn’t want people idolizing me and focusing on my looks, I wanted people to pay attention to my words.

Blooming late and continuing to bloom, God couldn’t have wanted me any other way. He’s directing my steps….I wouldn’t have it any other way because the more I write.

I know that God is just preparing me for something greater, than I could have ever perceived. So I don’t mind being hidden…I’m still being groomed…I got a break when one of my favorite artist let me write for them. Seeing my name up there. I’m like wow! That’s me!! Can you feel me cheesing, lol 🙂

No matter what area in your life, you feel that whatever you want, hasn’t arrived yet, whether it be love or your career dreams….whether you want to go back to school and get your degree,..just plan to do it. People who bloom late, have the best careers, the greatest stories and testimonies.

They are are strong and can better handle whatever life throws at them. Because life is the best teacher. They can handle money better than someone who is young because they waited. They have more patience.

A lot of us are not where we want to be yet, but as long as we’re working on ourselves and our goal every day, whatever we want is bound to come to fruition. Just don’t let age and fear hold you back or another person, because it can be paralyzing.

People will have you think that just because it didn’t happen at a certain age, that it’s to late and it’s not. It’s simply not your timing yet. So many people want quick results and they don’t want to wait They want to live the good life now, but they don’t realize it takes time, work and consistency.

A lot of people don’t have the appreciation, for everything that’s going on in the moment and all the lessons and experiences they are learning while they are pursuign their goals, because they are so focused on the end results. Or measuring their life by someone elses success. That’s how one misses opportunities when they come.

Just know that it will happen….It’s on it’s way and when it comes, it’s going to feel so good that it took this long. The journey will be so worth the wait so need to fret.

So just have faith and pray…enjoy the journey, so you don’t miss anything in between and most of all have patience. Because it’s coming and when it comes. I just hope you’re ready for it and can fully accept it and enjoy it. It can happen at any moment…get excited about whats yet to come 🙂 Gods got your back!


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