Are Some Men Swearing Off Women? Or Are They Just Fed Up?

whatwomenwantI came across a few articles that I feel compelled to talk about, because this really disturbs me. You don’t have to be a psychologist, to see that dating and career life is interfering with traditional ways and domesticity. Whether you want to call it female liberation or feminism. The traditional home life is suffering.

The few articles I came across was called MGTOW-Men going their own way. They are swearing off women in a sense because they feel like todays woman, is to liberated. They feel like todays woman is too independent. They feel like todays woman doesn’t want a good man to lead and provide. Men feel like they have no place in a womans life.

Men are fed up that when they do decide to settle down, they fear the woman they are going to marry, is going to take them for everything they worked so hard for and leave them penniless. Men feel like they have no rights when it comes to raising their own children and even if they decide to get divorce.

They know the court system will not be in their favor. Men are afraid to marry and procreate. I can’t say I blame them. I saw a heart breaking video in social media, of a good father holding his kids as they desperately pleaded not to go with their mother. She was unfit and abusive. That really broke my heart because you have good men out there, doing the best they can but the court system does not see them.

I understand you have dead beat fathers, but what about dead beat mothers??. They exist too!! I even came across articles with heterosexual men, turning to other gay men just for sex because it’s easy to get. These men claim the are not gay but they feel it’s easier to get sex from a man, than it is their own wife or girlfriend. They justify it because it’s just a sex to them and no emotional attachment. This is the same for women.

I know women who claim to not be lesbian or bisexual, but they just want a particular sex act if you know what I mean. I say the world is lost. We are truly in the end of days and have lost touched with God, ourselves and with humanity. All of this is going on because there is a detachment. I heard a female say, “my woman is all the man I need, shes masculine and feminine. It’s the best of both worlds”

No matter how hard a woman tries, she can not be a man. People are operating on their lower chakra. People want their wants and needs fulfilled and they are willing to be with anybody who is willing to fulfill them. They are seeking themselves in someone else for a temporary feeling. Men are tired of not feeling seen, heard and valued in our society.

Women want equality and they are determined to be equal with a man on any level. It’s happening everywhere, television is emasculating men. The women are more masculine than the men. They are the detectives and the men are the regular police. They make it seem like men are stupid and don’t know how to do their job and lead.

That may be true for some, but not all men. Men are even more celibate now more than ever. I’m not sexist with what I’m about to say, but I recognized the male presence in this world. I do see this as a man’s world in a sense, but I also see how women are also needed too. We are mother earth. God is in both man and woman. We both have roles to fulfill on this planet and it seems like we have lost our way.

Both men and woman are not looking at each other as complements. We are not looking to get married because we want to have a family. We are looking for someone to take care of us and to provide while we do nothing. I’ve seen  some women go through great lengths to avoid being on their own. Even if they make their own money, they still don’t want to pay their own rent or buy their own things.

Men don’t even want to court a woman anymore. They’re like, “ok, we been talking for a few days, weeks, months, texting, emailing. I took you out one time, I drove to see you, (or not) let’s have sex or let me see how you are in bed first, before I do anything else or anything with you.” Men don’t even want to put in the effort anymore. They want to do less and get the most. I know because I keep meeting these assholes, lol…. ready to move so quick.

They want to bypass courting and just go straight to living together and having sex. It’s only because they had plenty of women before, that they spent their money on, wine and dined and courted and got nowhere. So they are like, “I’m not doing that shit again. The next woman I date, she’s going to have to do for me, the way I did for the last women I dated. She’s going to have to share her money with me too”.

Every time I’m going through something, men have an array of excuses on why they won’t help me with the simplest thing, although I never asked. Or they’ll just ghost. A friend of mine said to me “Damn these men you be meeting they just be letting you struggle, they don’t want to do nothing for you, they talk a lot of shit too”.  And she’s right. They’ll say they want this and that but I would to give up my body and I’m not doing that.

If a man helps a woman now a days, you have to sleep with him and that’s sad. Men don’t do friends….  Men are tired of being used so they figure sex has to be an option first. Men feel if they get married and do the right thing, that they shouldn’t have to argue about being intimate with their wife. Men feel like the kids get all of the attention. This is why some men get jealous of the attention the children get.

Men are not jealous of their children. They want love, affection and attention too. Men are stressed out being a provider. They feel they have it hard at work and being the sole breadwinner. They want some gratitude from their wife or S.O. I read an article where this woman was complaining about housework and being with the kids.

This is what she wanted and her husband made enough for her to do that. I don’t understand what she was complaining about, because the kids were in school and she didn’t work. She got upset her husband would leave things out or and that he left his towel on the side of the hamper. She also got upset the kids made a mess in the living room. They were only 6.

This woman got tired of cooking too. She also got upset she had to do the grocery shopping and wondered why her husband couldn’t do it after work. She regretted quitting her job to be a stay at home wife and mom. She wasn’t ready for what it entailed and wanted to go back to work again. This is what a lot of men are complaining about. Their not being appreciated.

I for one, am tired of meeting men who have been through so much shit, that they can’t even treat a good woman right. I’m tired of these wounded men. It’s getting harder and harder to find genuine men too. Men are going their own way and so are women. Both sexes are forced to embrace long-term singlasm.

There’s nothing wrong with being single, but most single people really desire true companionship. But where are the good quality men and women at?? I see there is not much to choose from. That’s why when men do come across a good woman, they try to lock it down quick. Rare women and men are hard to come by…….. When are we going to get it together??

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At least You Were Open, Even though You Didn’t Make A Love Connection

On our quest to find love, to want love, whenever we meet someone we’re hoping that we make a love connection. We want them to know how much we like them in some way and how much we feel a connection.

Sometimes this happens quick for others, sometimes it takes time for that spark to really stay lit. I’m not a dater. I just prefer not to use the word date or anything associated with it. Unless I really, really like a guy. I was watching this video clip of this woman and on the very first date, she was talking about serious topics. Marriage, babies, living together.

Every guy wanted her to slow down. I felt like those men because every time I talk to a guy, they think I’m the one. I honestly don’t know what it is about me, that makes them think that. It gets to the point that even before the first date, there are signs that the guy is moving way to fast.

It’s okay to know what you want, but why are you looking at me for?? If you have been reading my blogs, you already know I meet men who move way to fast. If it was up to them, they would have me move in, knock me up and marry me and it doesn’t even matter in which order.

Both men and women who move to fast, that’s a sign that they are very controlling. They want what they want and they get possessive and dominating in the process. When it comes to wanting love, just be open to meeting new people. Every one you meet is not the one. Even if you don’t make a love connection, at least you were open and put yourself out there.

I put myself out there this summer. It was scary but I went for it, it was nice while it lasted. I know that I needed to be reminded of, what it felt like to be in the presence of a man again and to enjoy myself and his company and have him enjoy mine. I was looking forward to a second outing but it never happened. It’s been a minute since I went out with a guy, not because I wasn’t open at times.

It’s just that they were players and tried to Netflix and chill and have sex the first day. They kept breaking dates, standing me up or attempting to string me a long.. yeah, lol….(it’s kind of hard to date another woman, while you’re married) They just wanted to get me in bed first. But I have a track record, like so many other men and women, with just seeing someone one time and then that’s it.

Hell if I know the reason why I haven’t seen them or spoke to them again. Sometimes they are just not feeling you. Men act like I’m kryptonite or some sh*t, lol. They have to stay away from me (so they say). They don’t wanna fall for me or get to into me. They think I’m going to throw a monkey wrench in their plans. They think I’m going to be like the last woman.

They just don’t know how to deal with me or even begin to love me the right way. My so-called love life is an enigma to me. But it is what it is. I’m not going to cloud my brain and spirit, with thoughts of why the guy is not calling. Whether he has a wife or a girl or many lovers. I’m not going to doubt myself and where I’m at in my life.

I know that when a man really wants to see a woman and he’s into her, he makes an effort. He’s not inconsistent and makes excuses for why he won’t do something. No matter how busy he is. The same for women. It’s just a matter of priorities. If you’re not a priority, then don’t try to make yourself one. Both parties have to make an effort. But it seems like it’s ALWAYS one-sided.

It took courage for me to open my heart and that’s all that matters. Not sure if I will be doing it again any time soon, lol. But at least I tried. I give myself an ‘E’ for effort :). When you don’t have long-term expectations or any at all, it makes it easier to move on. There will be more chances for love, you just gotta wait for it.

The man or woman, that really wants to be with you in every way will appear when the timing is right. You’ll know where you stand. You’ll know you are on their mind, They’ll call you in the morning or whenever. They’ll acknowledge you and let you know you are special. Until then, just be open and be friends first.

With love, timing is everything. It really is. Sometimes two people can be perfect for each other, but their circumstances are not. Work on you and get your life together. The person who is meant to stay in your life will stay. They’ll know that they have someone really special in their life and heart and they will not do anything to lose you…. Wait for it! 🙂



Infuse Me With Your Lyrics

Infuse me with your lyrics

I want each lyric to undress me

I want each lyric to kiss me on every part of my body

I want to be under music spell

I want my body to respond to every lyric

I want every lyric to make my soul feel naked

I want your lyrics to drip down the spin of back

I want to feel your lyrics kiss me between my thighs

I have an insatiable hunger for words

My soul has been starving for your lyrics to enter my blood stream

Infuse me with your lyrics

So that I can feel music in the flesh