It Really Feels Nice When People See The Qualities You Possess

I asked a teacher and a friend of mine, for a letter of recommendation. When I read their words, I had to reread them again because I said to myself, is this about me?! It made me feel good and smile. It’s not all the time people say good things about me.

And when they do say something, they are just trying to be nice, to string my loyalty along. It’s also because I’m not used to people complimenting me on anything really. I’m usually the one doing all the complimenting.

I’m used to supporting people and showing by my actions, that I love and care. It’s always one-sided. People seem to notice when I stop doing something, rather than when I do it, because they never take the time to say thank you, because they expect my loyalty and support.

I’m always lifting people up and noticing the qualities they possess and I point it out too without any hesitation. Reading those words felt really nice. It’s the same when I get comments from my faithful followers. When I write, I have no idea how it affects someone, unless they say something.

Words mean everything. They are important. Words have the power to uplift your spirit and words have the power to crush your spirit.

I’m always doing my best to be careful with the words I speak. Even when I write to others, but no matter how careful one is, words can always be misconstrued because the person can’t hear you. There are people I had to let go of, because they simply did not support me or see the qualities I possess.

Not only were these words, kind and thoughtful, they were genuine. I rarely ever ask for anything. What I most appreciated, is that when I needed something, these individuals responded, gave me their word, followed through becauses I needed it urgently and took time out their life, because they knew it was important to me.

There have been times when I have reached out to people, ask for a favor, and I don’t hear anything. A simple acknowledgement, would be better than silence. It’s nice to know that you can count on people, that are professional and courteous and willing to help.

Make sure in life that you have people like this in your life. If people don’t show you loyalty and consistency. It’s time to do some purging. The new year is coming up and we all need people in our life who are going to show up, and be a man or woman of their word. We all need support.

I appreciate people who get back to me, and never look at their clock or put me off. It lets me know that I matter. A few minutes of someone’s time can give you hope. There are some people who I give my time to that I seriously need to scale back on. I suggest you do the same.

Loyalty has an expiration date and that time and attention can go elsewhere, where it’s appreciated.


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