Is Love Even Safe Anymore?

Love…one of the many things that God created that gave us life. The reason we breathe, the reason behind so many things that we love to do. Love…something that we’re suppose to give unconditionally.

But what happens when love is not even safe anymore? What happens when people abuse love? Some people don’t know how to love. Some people use the word love but that’s all love is, just something they say, to keep you holding on.

I miss when love used to be safe. When it made you have something to look forward to. I miss how playful love used to be. I miss the look in someones eyes, that it felt like they were looking straight through my soul.

I miss the type of love where I can be emotionally naked and raw….and not have to filter my thoughts for fear of being too much. I miss the kind of love that never hurt me or let me deal with things on my own.

Love is supposed to be safe. It’s suppose to make you feel protected and secure. No one should have to question whether or not they are loved. If you have to ask then the answer is no. Love is making you feel special. Love is consistent.

I know there are all kinds of love on different levels. But the one thing I miss is love being safe, even silent love, but knowing you matter and you are reminded. Love is emotional security. When a person says they love you, you should feel like they have your back.

I’m tired of hearing the words I love you and that’s all there is…when you say you love someone, you be willing to back it up. Because love is something you do. If one is not willing to make the other person feel secure, then the word love should not be used.

I wonder, why doesn’t love and opening your heart to someone feel safe any more?

Gods love is safe…but what about human love?


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