Love Is Suppose To Inspire You

When you think about love and the type of love you want in your life. Does it inspire you? Does love make you want to be a better person? Does love inspire you to go after your dreams?

Well…it’s suppose to…

Love is supposed to inspire you. We all should want the type of love that inspires us to dream big and be better versions of ourselves. Love is not supposed to hold you back and make you feel like you’re in prison.

When you have someone in your life that you care for, love is supposed to inspire you to share your aspirations with them. You’ll get excited about sharing your thoughts, ideas. Because you know that they will be excited for you. Love is supposed to support you and make you feel secure.

In case you havent noticed 🙂 LOL… I’m passionate about home life  and the kind of love I want in my life, is someone who’s supportive of my passion. Not someone who will take advantage of me being domesticated.

Whenever I mention I love to cook, some man is always trying to lock me down. I’m not going to just cook for any man. If I cook for you, I must really, really like you. Cooking is a sign of affection. It’s what love taste like.

When I envision the kind of love I want, it’s peaceful, it’s quiet. It’s the kind of love that reminds me of home. The person you decide to share your life with, should feel like home to you, mentally, physically and spiritually. You should feel free. They should be easy to love. Their heart should be open.

Anyone can have a house, I know plenty of people who have nice houses and apartments, but there is no love in it. It doesn’t feel like home. You will know in your heart when someone feels like home. You’ll never get tired of talking to them. They brighten up your day, just seeing them and hearing their voice.

You’ll want to do things with them, you never imagined doing with anyone else. You’ll consider them before you make decisions in your life, as you want them to be part of the decision-making process..It’s a selfless act…people are forgetting to be thoughtful to one another.

When you include your partner. They feel thought of, because you don’t have to include them but you want to, because you care about their input. Ultimately the decision is yours. But it feels nice to consult, so you know you are not alone either and that they care about your choices.

I may not feel at times that love will happen for me, but I’m getting there. Each day no matter how I feel, I’m doing my best to be open to love. I do my best to be a demonstration of love. Especially with forgiveness but make no mistake, I’m no fool!! 🙂

I’ve been waiting a long time on every level….so I’m trusting God that he will have my back on this one. If you are stuck in a dead-end relationship and you’re not inspired to love. Then do the both of yourselves a favor and get out…Ruuuuunnn, like that emoji on the iPhone, lol

No one has time to waste and life is short in a sense. So you need to be loving passionately or not loving at all.


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