Have Passion And TLC, When It Comes To Food

“Why are you taking so long? Just throw it on the plate”….”You handle your food with such care” “I just throw it on the plate and eat it”…

These words were said to me as I was preparing myself dinner at someone’s house.

Whenever I prepare a meal and put it on display to eat. People around me notice the passion I have and the TLC I have when I sit down to eat.

When you’re a creative person, you take pride in being creative in all that you do. When I prepare a dish, of course I know I’m going to eat it, but if you’re like me, you eat with your eyes first. When those words were uttered to me. I had no clue I was being watched so closely and meticulously. It made me laughed.

I wish more people, whether you’re a man or a woman, that when they prepared a meal for themselves or their family. That they did it with passion and with TLC. When I serve someone food. They always compliment how pretty it looks.. that it’s to pretty to even eat. I like my food to look like pieces of art.

I’m not going to just serve someone food on a paper plate with a plastic fork, talking ’bout “I don’t want to do dishes”. I’m very hospitable when I’m home and have guest and even when I’m in someone elses house. I like my guest to feel welcomed and sometimes they get to comfortable and they never want to leave. Especially a man….more on that later, lol.

Maybe one might think it’s weird, but one must do things with passion….you would have to be a passionate person to do things with passion. That seems to be a void with people now a days. You would have to care about and take pride in your home which is missing in today’s society.

I get my passion from my mom. When she would cook, even if she just made you a hamburger and fries or spaghetti, it looked like a piece of art. People would always come back for more. My mom never just through food on a plate and served it. She wanted people to know that she was passionate about cooking and being of service.

I always felt the love in my mothers food, from the very first bite. That’s what made it taste so good. Cooking was therapeutic to my mom. It is to me too. Hmmmmm, I feel like baking some brownies right now, :).

Most people I know hate grocery shopping, that’s because they don’t like to cook. But I love going to the market….I feel like it’s christmas all the time when I go shopping and that all the items in the store, are gifts that I can buy myself :).

Just the thought of what I can make, makes me so elated. When you buy ingredients and you prepare a meal and you see how it all comes together. Doesn’t it just make you feel all tingly inside :), lol. I know it does to me. When we eat a meal prepared with TLC, we can taste it from the very first bite. It’s turns us on.. doesn’t it?!

I love to see the look on someone’s face when they eat something I made. I already know it’s going to be good :), lol…. yeah I gotta toot my horn. But hey why not! When you have passion and you’re creative you should feel good expressing that. Don’t down play it! Share your joy. It’s contagious!

The next time you prepare a meal, make sure you have a nice plate, a nice real fork, a real glass and serve yourself as if you expect to be served by a waiter, at a 5-star restaurant and see and notice how good it makes you feel. I’m pretty sure you’ll start doing it more often :).


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