Can You Think Someone Into Existence?

The answer is yes. We all heard the phrase “be careful with you ask or wish for” Or “be careful with your thoughts”. Words are powerful and they hold vibration and energy. There have been several times I have said something out loud or internally and it happened. That’s why I try to be mindful of where my thoughts flow and who I’m thinking of.

Sometimes we all tap into our six sense, our third eye. That portal opens up. It’s the same with music. You hear something and you want that. But the person you want it from, isn’t capable of giving it to you. We all use telepathy at some point in our lives. It’s not by happenstance that you run into someone or  they call you.

You put your thoughts out there into the universe and the universe holds onto it and gives you what you asked for or thought of, in the right timing. That’s why it’s important to do your best to think positive, and quickly try to erase negative thoughts.

Even your desires of someone. Ever heard of a mental-gasm?! It starts in the mind. The visualization.

In 2011, I thought someone into existence and it wasn’t a good thing at all. The same thing happened with this soap star. I wanted to meet him, thought of him and ran into him on the train. I wonder why this happens with the opposite sex more than it does with other things in my life.

When I feel something my body has a reaction to it and I just brush it off, for example when I know a guy wants me on an intimate level. I feel them calling me. I feel them thinking of me and I get mentally and physically drained. I feel like I need to mentally and spiritually detox them out of my system.

It is possible to make a soul tie whether you touch someone, kiss someone and have relations with them. Sometimes a persons spirit is around us and we’re not even aware of it. Just like walls hold energy, so does our physical body when we feel connected.

Be mindful every day throughout the day, of where your thoughts flow. Is it a happy feeling? Does it make you smile? Or does it give you anxiety or a headache? When I feel drained it’s a sign that the person who’s making me feel this way, just wants me on a physical level and nothing more.

This idea I have of them, doesn’t coincide with who they really are. The guy I thought into existence, was nothing like his poetry and music, he was cold and stiff. Theres a reason why I had a migraine for 2 weeks. Pay attention to your body and organs. They are telling you something on a metaphysical level.



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