Does Chivalry, Romance And Just Genuine Love Still Exist?

I was listening to some of my favorite R&B slow jams from the 80’s and 90s, you know the music that talked about real love. Making love…not this crap they have out now and it just made me think. What happen to real love. What happen to chivalry? What happen to real romance. What happen to really expressing how you felt towards your lady or man.

I know that the music I hear, it’s possible for me to have that, because I had it before. Excuse my french, but I don’t know what the f**k is going on with men now a days. I really don’t. They don’t want to court a woman, they ghost, they’re in consistent. They don’t want to make love to a woman they love any more.

They don’t want to be romantic, kiss, take a bath or shower with you. They just want to f**k right away. They don’t want to slow dance. A guy that claimed he loved me after one day of hanging around me said ” truth….romance is for relationships only” He tried to act like he was this poet, but was nothing like his art, he was a fraud. He didn’t want me to want what I heard.

My ex said to me “I’m not Roman, so there’s no need to be romantic”. I dumped him. and there’s plenty of other stupid shit men have said to me, to try and not be romantic, chivalrous or even show affection. I can’t be with a stiff cold person with no emotions but claim they feel things deep.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, when I say I love you, I show it! What happen to the days when a guy picked you up for a real date and brought you rose or a flowers. The last time a man gave me a rose, it was a stranger at beach, before that it had been 12 years.

After one day men expect sex, they are ready to move things to the next level, even before the date. The asshole that made that stupid comment above, he tried to bypass courting and getting to know me, felt he got enough info, after one day and a couple of hours of being around me and he was talking about me being a step mother to his kids, I never knew he had.

Every time when a man sees that I’m romantic and that I express myself, all of a sudden I’m too much. they just want to f**k. Well use your hand for that. Because I’m nobody’s dumping ground. I’m getting really pissed off with todays generations of men. I know men are simple creatures, but WTF is the rush for?

On what planet do you have sex on the first day, get married or even move in with someone after one freaking day and some phone calls or emails? It’s seems like men are just out to get what they want quick and will try to lock down a good woman too.

Men today if they like you, they do the opposite to prove they don’t like you. Maybe because they have other options. Men are not putting in the effort anymore, they want a woman to put in more of the effort. Prove to them how much she wants them by giving up her body.

Then the things they should do, they’ll do it if they get laid. Really?? Is it so wrong to want romance. To feel special and loved. To want someone to build something with no matter what you have going on in your life. Why are we afraid to love. Is holding back really helping us, no loss no gain. “Well at least I didn’t get to close to her or him” is what we say.

We compare our last relationship red flags to the new person without even given the a chance. I’m tired of men using the L word, then telling me they need to stay away from me. But they’ll make time for sex. Then there are the ones who don’t say anything, they just stop talking to me and expect after weeks and months for me to still feel the same.

They’re like oh shit, I feel her holding back, let me call and get back in, see if she still feeling me. Really. This is the story of my life. Men have told me stop picking these men. I’m not picking anyone, I’m not even dating them. What are these games for. Why do men say they are different and they do the same shit the last guy did??

Whatever happen to treating your lady like a queen, not raising your voice at her. Being thoughtful, being romantic, buying or making her something, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a gift from the heart.

Why are men waiting for me and the rest of the woman on this planet, to do for them first just because their last relationships were not good. Whatever happen to a man keeping his word. What happen to a man looking you so deep into your eyes, you feel naked because you know, he’s sees you.

He see’s your soul. I know how it feels to be loved, for a man to really be in love with me. To want to see me without being intimate with me. A man who truly enjoys my company and just wants to see me smile and hear me laugh. I know how it feels to be with a selfless man.

I’m tired of these selfish egotistical men that just want a one-sided relationship. What happen to a man really wanting to provide for a woman. Sorry but I’m not settling. I’m a hopeless romantic and I will hold out for real true love, that makes me feel the opposite.

I know my worth and know who I am and what I bring to the table. If I can’t love passionately with every fiber of my being, then I’m not going to settle and love at all. I deserve a love that makes me feel high, that inspires me, not drains me and makes me second guess, myself and my thoughts.

Can a real man please stand the hell up, or sit down so the real man behind you can stand up. As much hell as I’ve been through with men. I know the love I have inside of me, a real man will appreciate it one day and not take me or my love for granted.

True love is out there. Take a look at the clip below.. It’s will inspire you to wait for a man that will not play with your heart or time. Enjoy!


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