The Healing Energy Of Touching

A lot of people for whatever reason underestimate the power and healing energy of touching. I see a lot of couples together, but no one is touching each other, No one is embracing each other. It’s like they are together just to be together.

In a relationship and even with our loved ones, we need to hug them more, kiss them more. Some people grew up in a family that there was no affection, so they are not used to having it. When you touch someone and embrace them it makes them feel safe and secure.

A lot of couples don’t even kiss and touch each others face. I miss the feeling of my face being slightly touch with the back side of a man finger. When was the last time you massaged your lover? When was the last time you slightly kissed their face and lips.

When was the last time you breathed passion into their soul. When was the last time you looked them in the eyes and they knew that you wanted them right then in there. Why are we so void of passion? The person you want and love should feel every moment that you desire them.

Why does one or both partners stop being affectionate, why does everything else become a priority instead of the love two people have for one another. Love shouldn’t have to take a back seat. Ones bed shouldn’t be so cold, that it feels like they have a corpse lying next to them.

We should touch each other more often, we should slightly trace our lovers skin, make them feel goosebumps, it should feel like braille on each other skin. Touching makes us feel close. When you go without affection for so long, it can make you feel lonely and that you are not loved.

Not just by your lover but by others. We all want love and affection. If you have someone special, hold them close. Be grateful that you have them to wake up to and go to sleep with. Make your significant other feel wanted, grab them firmly but gently with passion.

I’m sure their body is yearning for you to touch them and make love to them. Touching is very spiritual when there is love and passion connected to each touch. You can tell a lot about how a person feels about you, by the way they kiss you and touch you.

If you’re in tuned with people you will know right away, what certain touches mean. Some people say they are not  a good kisser, well that’s important, I know it is to me, if I can’t kiss you and feel passion, I’m not talking to you, lol. I need to feel something….. I’m a cancer got dammit! I thrive off of romance.

If you don’t like to kiss and touch, learn. learn your lovers body and get your passion back.


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