How Hospitable Are You?

I sometimes wonder why when people have guest in their home, they don’t do anything to make them feel welcomed. When people used to invite me over to their house, I wonder why they expected me to cook and to do all the things they were suppose to do for me as guest.

Then if it was late and I got tricked into spending the night, ( I was told I would be driven home but I was never driven home) I never even went to sleep. I didn’t even have a bed to sleep on, so I just waited until the sun came up and went home.

I wondered why I didn’t have clean fresh linen to even feel comfortable to sleep. I wondered why people would have me in their house, when it is not in order. I remember one time on christmas I was invited to spend night out and there was no christmas dinner.

Dinner was a bag of chips and a muffin, that I bought at the gas station. LOL . I was starving the next day. I couldn’t wait to get home where I had a fridge full of food. One thanksgiving, someone I knew decided to cook. The thought was nice but the food was all wrong.

The corn was cold, no butter. The mash potatoes were from a box, no butter and no salt and pepper or gravy. The chicken was store bought. Who knows how long it was under that light. And the dinner roll was cold. I sat there and wondered how is this person eating this bland food.

Someone must have not told her that rolls go in the oven. But I guess when you are hungry you’ll eat your  own mess, I mean food and it’s good to you. There was no love, no thought or care into this food. If you buy stuff from a box, there’s a way to hook it up.

I don’t know about you, but I like real potatoes and fresh corn and seasoned chicken. I like my diner rolls hot not cold. I realized I care to much about home life, more than the average woman.

Whenever I invite people over to my house, they NEVER want to leave. Before I have guest, I make sure I have food. I even ask them what they want me to make and I even surprise them. I’m always feeding people…and I serve them too, they have something to drink. I even give them left overs to take home.

I love making people feel welcomed. But then they just wear out their welcome mat. If I have a guest spend the night, everything is clean. I even give them my bed. They feel as if they are at a five-star hotel. No one cooks for them at home or caters to them, so they get spoiled while in my presence.

It’s really hard getting them to leave. especially a man. The last guy I shared food with, never wanted to leave my place. I noticed he ate 3 times at my house and never took me out. So I stopped talking to him. It wasn’t my intention to make him comfortable.

I’m like that with everybody. If I invite you in. I just know that what you do for your female friends, you can’t do that for every man. Because they will get comfortable and try to mark their territory. You start off and feed them right away, they will expect that every time.

I wonder why people serve me food with a fork that looks like it belongs to a toddler and plastic plates and cups. How is that suppose to make me feel welcomed?! Then when I don’t want to come over I get called uppity.

I’m not uppity at all, I just don’t think a person should invite someone over, if they don’t have food, or if their house is not clean and if they have crawling visitors that decide to chill with us.

Your home is your dwelling space and when you invite people into your home, they should feel welcomed. But I take it that some people don’t want to make you feel welcomed, because they don’t want you to stay in the first place.

I’ve been making people feel welcomed since I was little. My mom always had me offer my friends something to eat and drink and It was fun. I enjoyed serving people and seeing their face light up over the food I made. I enjoyed being in the kitchen. I remember for my birthday I wanted a tasty bake oven, LOL…

I always wanted kitchen items as a child and as an adult, that’s how I am. Those are the things I treat myself to. When I see a kitchen gadget I look forward to using it and telling people about it. It makes entertaining very fun.

When I serve people a meal, I use real silverware, real plates and glasses. I don’t just throw food on the plate is if it’s a school lunch. I really wish at times the women (even men) I knew were more hospitable and even more domesticated. Especially since they have kids.

Serving others makes you feel good.. it makes people feel warm and welcomed. I’m looking forward to the day where me and this loving man (God is going to bring into my life)…will be able to serve one another. Where we can have a nice candle light dinner..sip some hot cocoa in front of the fireplace…and then 🙂


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