IF You Got All Your Ex’s (Or The Man Or Woman Who Wanted To Date You) In One Room, What Would They Say About You?

Really think about this? What would they say? No one is perfect and I hate when men call me perfect. But If all the guys who wanted to date me and my ex’s were in one room, they would say some pretty nice things about me.

They would say that I’m loving, selfless, supportive, kind, sweet, wife material. That I’m a great cook (the ex’s). That I’m quiet at times. That I’m to nice. That I can be very distant. Very ambitious. Hard to hold down. But overall, that I’m a good woman.

That I was easy to be with. They would also say that they f****d up, lol. They would. I know this because they all admitted this to me. Every guy I meet says that I’m all of these good things but yet, they are not ready for someone like me.

Like I said I’m not perfect but I know me and I already know that I’m a good woman. Who loves deeply…One guy in particular, lets just call him Sag…(for the life of me I can’t figure our saggitarrian men, lol) Me and Sag got along great.

As friends, but Cancer and Sag according to the zodiac…we can never make a love connection. They are to distant and flighty and emotionally unavailable. And if you know anything about cancerians, we are emotionally in-depth people. Sag’s… they like to do everything on their timing and I mean everything.

Thats just some men in general now that I think about it, LOL…But Sag’s and Aquarian men do this all the time.

When they call, when they see you, they want what they want and they do not want to hear the answer no. So why didn’t it work out with me and Sag, well for one he admitted to me years ago, that I was just too much for him and he wasn’t ready for a woman like me.

He admitted he was stupid for letting me get away. That I was intimidating. He said that I was perfect to be a wife, a mother. That I was smart, beautiful. That I was never on his ass. I gave him space and that I was always down for him and supportive.

That he loved bringing me to the studio with him, getting my feedback on his music. Every time I heard about an audition, I told him. I thought his voice was amazing and wanted to see him shine. He love to sing to me spontaneously or even when I asked a couple of times.

When I didn’t ask about his music, it made him feel self-concious….He told me women never believed in him singing, that’s why he never tried to pursue it as a career. When you love to do something, and you’re passionate, you should have people in your life, who are just as passionate.

I know sometimes, people don’t like to be ask to do something..The first and last time I ask a guy to sing me a line, he was turned off by it… hey everyone is different. It was my birthday and I just wanted a birthday song but instead I was told, I wish you didn’t ask me. Not a nice memory to have on your birthday.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love music and it shouldn’t be something I suppress. The men I meet just happen to sing. Sag told me, that it’s hard to find good qualities in a woman now a days, especially with a nice personality. He said he was used to women dogging him, that he just closed off his heart.

Every time his friends brought me up, he felt more and more stupid for ignoring me or putting me off. So eventually I stopped reaching out. I’m not the type to smother a man. If you don’t return my communication. Eventually mine will stop.

I wasn’t his girlfriend, so I guess it was easy for him to just ignore me….It doesn’t matter how much of a good woman you are, if a man is not ready, he’s not ready. One things for sure is, I left an impression. An impression to the point where I’m sought after but it’s to late.

And the thing with these men is, they all thought they had time. Time to do what they wanted and not put me first at all. If you truly like someone, don’t let them get away and then you’re wondering years later, damn, I miss out on a good thing, then you write into a talk show, trying to get them back…lol

Oh yeah, my ex’s tried to bring me on TV and men I never dated and men that I just went out with one time. I have a track record of first dates and no second dates and ghosting. It is what it is. People I know are starting to see why I’m turned off by even giving love a chance again.

But I have to remain open, whenever I do decide to give love a a chance again. I just smell the B.S and I’m tired of it. Every guy claims he’s different and turns out to do the same shit the last guy did. but says I deserve better. A friend of mine said with disgust over the phone “where do you meet these men at”? I can hear the disgust in her voice and see her face cringe.

I’ve met men from all different back grounds and it doesn’t even matter because a man is a man, no matter what they do for a living or the impression they first lay out. I happen to be a wanted woman, but for all the wrong reason. One day someone will put in the work because I’m worth it. Especially since I’m simple and not complicated.


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