Every Woman Deserves A Man Who Feels This Way About Her

I was watching a mothers day tribute that Steve Harvey gave to his wife and I’ve seen it, when it first aired but this time watching it again. It really hit me, that I have been giving assholes, the benefit of the doubt and being so forgiving…nobody’s perfect right is what I say…

But as 2017 approaches…excuse my language but I’m not doing that shit no more.

I’m not…I have been nothing but a genuine loyal friend and lover in the past and being a loving person has got me no where. I’m tired of egotistical men who act like they are the prize and they only want to do things on their terms and time.

They want a woman to prove herself to them first..really. Who the fuck died and made you a king?? I’m tired of men telling me how I feel, and what I’m not ready for, when truth is, you’re not ready for a woman like me or the love I have to give, because if so then you wouldn’t be acting like an asshole.

As busy as Steve Harvey is, with all the jobs he has, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make his wife feel like an option and even before they got married he still showed her attention. I’m tired of emotionally unavailable men.

A man when he wants to be with you, he makes time, if my first love can live all the way in Atlanta and I lived in New York at the time, whats the excuse of man who lives minutes away and makes no attempt to come see the woman that he claims to love and want??? Smells like bullshit to me.

I’m tired of men using the word love, so quick with no action behind it. Or men saying we’re friends, when we’re really not, just so they don’t have to do whats required in a man in a relationship or just so they can get sex, because they know some women want to be in a relationship, so they try to play mind games and say,

“we’re more than friends, or let me call her my lady so no one else can have her and she can be emotionally tied to me, and I can pop in and out of her life when I feel like it, I got me a good woman, is what they say. I’m gonna lock it down but not fully until I’m ready, see what other options I have”… Really?!!!.

I’m tired of men who talk shit then ghost, because they can’t man the fuck up and keep their word. Newsflash you’re not the only busy man on the planet! But I’m sure you’ll make time for sex.

How does one want a consistent woman, a faithful woman, a loyal woman and you can’t be that way? Why are you asking for something that you are not and not able to give?? Why is it ok for you to look at your phone, see my missed calls, text and emails but purposely ignore me? But let me do it, then I’m screwing somebody.

I’m tired of men who want one-sided relationships, and because I won’t agree to it, they try to emotionally manipulate me into thinking something is wrong with me and that I need to change. The man who wants more, with the least amount of effort. Because they’re soooo busy.

I’m tired of men attempting to use me as a test dummy, but the last woman you had, you love her freely and gave her everything she wanted, knowing she was the wrong one, but since she slept with you. It’s all good.

I’m tired of men, who want to change me, because my mind is too much for them, as soon as I disagree with them I’m argumentative. They feel the need to correct me, because they have a big ego and they are controlling.

I’m tired of men rushing things, just because they wasted time on the wrong chick, and now that a good woman shows up, they want to hurry up and rush things, for fear of competition or as if they are running out of time. They don’t want to court the good woman but they’ll court the bad one.

Every guy I have not dated and have not been intimate with, thank you for being an asshole :). Thank you for showing your true colors, that I can never depend on you, that you run when the going gets tough. Thank you for showing me what a real man is not. Thanks for not being there for me and ignoring me. I really appreciate it!!!

Thank you for making room for the right man to come into my life. I know what good love is and how it feels to be in love. And you little boy, disguising yourself as a real man, are not it! Go play with somebody elses time and heart. Go be somebody elses part-time homie/lover/friend. Thank you but no thank you!!!

Don’t expect a rare woman like me to stick around, because woman like me are hard to find. When you decide you are ready for love and for a good woman, I won’t be around. I wish you nothing but luck finding your next playmate, I mean soul mate.

Here’s the tribute….every woman deserves a man who feel this way about her, not bring up her insecurities or make her doubt herself or who she is. Not do the same shit the last guy did. Not make her cry over him or something he did. Not give her his silence. If a woman has tears in her eyes. It should be from loving a good man and the love he shows her.

I was happy to love my first love, he would never do anything to hurt me and that’s the kind of love I want that I’m holding out for. A man who doesn’t stop calling me in the morning, night or to tell me how his day went and who wants to hear about mine, so I thank God for not letting anything flourish with the men that I have met and for blessing me to recognize B.S. at the beginning stages. God knows my heart and what I deserve and these men have not been in it. I hope to meet that “winner”one day!!!



6 thoughts on “Every Woman Deserves A Man Who Feels This Way About Her

  1. Wow!!! I was just thinking about this and I get this post. I couldn’t have said it better myself… I feel your frustration especially when you are good woman with a big heart and you want to love but you keep meeting men who want to play games. I don’t mind being single and I like my alone time but I would make room in my heart for the right man. I’m almost 40 and it would be nice to share my life with someone who was genuine but I’m waiting on God to send me the right man…I keep thinking am I doing something to attract these nuts??

    But I’m not putting the blame on myself men are men, doesn’t matter how old they are. I was talking to a guy who was 52 and it’s funny you mentioned in your post about sagittarius men. Girl you know we don’t gel with them on a romantic level, LOL. When I read that post I started laughing, LOL. They just disappear without any explanation and don’t care how anyone feels, but then they don’t like it. They can’t figure out how they feel and they are never direct with their feelings, you’ll give yourself a headache trying to figure that sign out.

    As a cancer, stay clear, LOL. We are to emotional for them and they can’t deal with our emotions and we can’t deal with trying to figure their emotions out. The sagittarius guy i was talking to claimed he was so busy.. yeah busy with his wife. Never answered his phone, returned my text or nothing. Then one day said I decided to work things out with my wife. They will string you a long and not let you know where you stand. I felt like an idiot. I know it’s because I didn’t sleep with him. I was married before, didn’t work out but I know I’ll be in love again some day. Hang in there! Us cancers are to loving. Sorry for the long comment, lol.

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    1. Hi Marissa, No need to apologize :). I’m glad my article resonated with you. I know I’m not the only one on the planet who feels this way. I hear this from a lot of women. I’m tired too. Even though sag men are the king of ghosting. Other men of the zodiac, libra, aquarius and gemini have done this to me. And not everybody will believe in astrology but I do and so do you and others. These signs are no good match for cancer men and women. As friends yeah, maybe?! If the guy is not attracted to you and wants to sleep with you right away. We do better with our own sign, with pisces and scorpio, taurus and virgo When it comes to love. My longest relationship was with a pisces and cancer. I’m going to be open, date a different race, you never know how God will bless you with love and what color it may come in. Time to do something different :). Thanks for reading!


  2. Did you read my mind or what?
    so this so called guy I was kinda liking has the audacity to pose questions like..’we can go for coffee, if you like!’ Or ‘we can hang out for ice cream, if you want to!!!’
    Really dude???
    Who says that?
    Then since he has a female ‘bff’ he could come pick me out we go ‘hang out’ together…. really dude?????
    Steve should just start a school or something close….we need more like him !

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