When God Needs To Spend Time With You

d0a4647dae065031e8503ea35f9b5fe8Here it is 3 am, I know I gotta get up at 4:50 am.. but I just had to come on here and share my thoughts with you guys, because I never know who might need it. God is telling me to share, don’t hold back.

You are a light in the world and somebody needs you and your message. Words are a gift that I gave you.

Isn’t that a wonderful feeling 🙂

I got out of bed, looked up peeked out the window “the sky is calm, the stars are bright’ (one of my favorite lines from the song spread my wings, performed by the legendary R&B group TROOP) There was one in particular star shining so bright, I felt it was for me.

Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I know I have things that are worrying me a bit. The holy spirit will wake me up in the middle of the night. I can hear God saying, ok my child, it’s time for you to talk to me, to spend some one on one.

Some times I think I bother God, LOL. I can’t keep my mind quiet, LOL. I’m praying all the time. well when you’re a person of faith, you pray…. Truth is, I’m not. because God is not a person. You can only bother people, but not God. You can always bring, all your troubles to him and even when you don’t have anything to worry about. Just to say thank you!

I realized at times, I get overwhelmed that’s because I feel alone. God never intended for us to do EVERYTHING by ourselves. When I was at work, someone overheard me talking about moving. And told me about a rental. I said could this be the answer to my prayers. Instantaneously I felt happy.

I was hit out of nowhere that I have to move and in such short notice and I’m like not again. Really….I was thinking #$%#…when am I going to catch a break. I’m so tired. Here we go again. How am I going to do this. Not only that, my other job ended and I was like ok, don’t panic.

I’m going to get another job this week. I affirmed those words in faith prayed about it, and surrendered. And when I woke up the next day I got called for another job. You can not tell me God is not faithful and answers prayers. Because mines got answered right away.

I’m like ok God, where ever you lead me, I’ll follow because your word is the gospel.

The person needing to rent out their space needed help. It seems sincere, but of course I have to check it out. As I listen to people pour their hearts out to me at work and apologize for it. Truth is, everybody has a story, we all need to help one another. Everyone needs someone to listen to them. So they don’t feel alone.

Everybody is trying to stay afloat and have faith and that’s the one thing I do have. Is faith! Yes we all have doubts in life, but it’s how you handle those doubts and what you learn from them. Faith is all I have and it’s all I’ll ever have and need. No luck here. Just faith and Gods timing.

I know God will not forsake me and all I need to do is breathe and let go and everything that I want and everything that is meant for me, will be for me. The same with love. You guys knows my love life sucks, LOL. You see how annoyed I am, because I don’t understand what keeps coming at me, that’s not real.

2017 is approaching and everything that I ever wanted, I have to believe it’s mine to have, because God said so. I know God has been keeping me in his safe cocoon. I know that he has someone special for me, that I don’t have to doubt their love for me and make me question how they feel, because I’m a good person and I’m special because he said so.

I know that I deserve everything this life has to offer that is good, because I’m a good person. Of course there will be mountains to climb over but the sunset at the top, will be beautiful and it will be worth it.  Until then, I’ll be loving and growing in faith daily and always.

Have that walk with God and Have that talk with God. It’s needed daily to get through this beautiful thing we call life. Be grateful you woke up today, because as we know some do not. This has been some year….to many things have happened, that would make one go crazy and scream to the top of their lungs….but no need to fret.. I have faith always!!! And so should you…NAMASTE!!!


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