Reflection And Action: Surrender….Before 2017 Kicks In

Gods_TimingAs 2017 approaches, everyone is making new years resolutions that they can’t keep.. this happens every year as we try to set goals and plan our way through life. Then when we don’t meet those expectations that we put on ourselves we feel like failures.

Before 2017 kicks in, you can do some reflecting. You can make small changes right now. Why wait until the new year kicks in. If something not working out for you in certain areas of your life. Let it go. Is it time to let go of an almost relationship with someone. Feelings not being returned? Why hold on?

Truth is, if it’s that easy to not care and be ignored you know where you stand. Don’t try to make something into nothing, when you know in your heart whats the deal. Time to start de-cluttering your life in every way possible, with things and people.

Time to let go of toxic relationships? Just do it. Time to stop being so forgiving and understanding towards people who don’t deserve your loyalty. Just do it! Life is too short to waste it on people who don’t give a damn.

Tired of everything being one-sided. Find a way to let it go. If something doesn’t feel right and you have to question it or feel like you’re being led by a string, then let that person go. It’s not the end of the world, if someone doesn’t return your love, communication or anything else that you give.

Theres someone out there, somewhere, who will love you and appreciate all that you are and all that you have to give. It will not be that difficult.

Tired of apologizing and making amends with people who don’t feel the need to be sorry or if they are being selfish…and don’t care how their actions affect another person. Let those types of people go. Drop the dead weight, your heart needs you to.

2016 has been something, so many losses.. I feel like damn can I get a break. I’m ready for 2017 to get here. I just want to be happy and healthy and have genuine people in my life and start a new career. I deserve love we all do. Love is healing…. God always shows you, who’s there for you and who isn’t.

Cherish those relationships with people who take time to talk to you, call you and hear your voice and even see you because they care. No one is promised tomorrow. Know the difference between a friend and an acquaintance or someone just passing by. Not everyone is meant to stay long-term. They are just seasonal.

Want to be more healthy, make small changes, don’t wait. Whatever you want, just make up your mind that you want it and work towards it. If you decide later on in life, it’s not for you, it’s ok to walk away. It doesn’t mean you are a failure for putting something down and letting go. You tried, it didn’t work out, move on no matter how hard you may think it is.

In 2017 surrender more…….I’ll say it again… surrender more.….. It’s the only way to let God work his miracles in your life, with faith and trust that he has your back always and he will reveal things you can not see and put people in your path that love and respect you and honor you. Trust in him always!


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