SongVersations: Love The Pain Away, By The Legendary Jeffrey Osborne

fullsizeoutput_1cf0I was listening to the legendary soul crooner Jeffrey Osborne  song, Love The Pain Away, off his album, Music Is life. I love this song because Jeffrey recognizes how strong a womans love is. He admits that he’s hurting in some areas of his life, financially (which is hard for a man to admit) and he’s not afraid to admit that he’s man and human enough and needs the love of his woman.

We all know that there are a lot of women (and men) that when you are struggling financially, they will leave you and make you feel like a failure. Everybody needs someone to be there for them, especially their mate when times get hard.

A good man will do everything in his power to provide for his woman and his family and when they can’t do that. It hurts them so deep, like Jeffrey sings about. It’s hard enough a man is struggling and his pride and ego get the best of him, but there is nothing like a having a good woman by your side to let you know, “I got you and I’m not leaving you, we’re in this together”.

Jeffrey wants his woman to have the best, but he must know that his woman loves him for him, whether he makes 20k or 20 million. Jeffrey needs his woman to love the pain away. Seeing his woman and hearing his womans voice just makes it all better, after he has had a long day out there grinding. He knows that had it not been for the love of his woman and how fortunate he is to have her love, he would have gone insane.

Isn’t that what we all need, that special loving man or woman, to love the pain away. Someone to hold us and touch us at the end of the day. Life can seem so unreal at times. It’s a good feeling when you are not left alone or abandoned because you are going through hard times. I’ve been there as a woman, a man cutting out on me. “Yeah, you love me, ok. But you’re M.I.A”.

As a woman, this shouldn’t be. This is why a woman doesn’t trust a man to lead or provide.  If you love me, you would be there for me, supporting me in any way, not just monetarily. I’m not sure whats happening to men now a days, not being a provider or protector or lending emotional support to a good woman and they want to switch roles.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you want love and need someone. The world can seem so unreal and cold and there’s nothing like having someone in our life that loves unconditionally. That ask how our day was and means it. Not how much money you have and can I go shopping. But some men will cater to this type of  materialistic woman, but leave a good woman to struggle. If that’s not some backward B.S. I don’t know what is!

41lvajs9mflEven in his song, I’ll do it all for love, off his album, “Thats For Sure” he’s sings  “just sitting here thinking about cha, thinking about cha, he talks about hopping on a plane so fast to be there for the love of his woman. He’s in a long distance relationship. How many of us have done that? You can admit it… even if it didn’t work out but it was worth a try. When you love someone you want to be where they are. You can’t stand to be away from them.

My favorite lyrics from this song is ” I feel the fire slowly burning in my veins, so much emotion driving me insane. No womans ever made me feel this way, but aint nothing wrong with that. My heart is reaching stretching out in search of yours, just say the word and girl, I’m out the door and I’ll jump on the first plane headed for, the chance to be in your arms, for you love baby, I’m willing to sacrifice, to have you here in my life, won’t think twice, I’ll do it all for love”.

Jeffrey can we clone you :). LOL. Where are men like this?!! Jeffrey is old school, that’s why I love him dearly, because men now a days don’t think like this. Jeffrey always give me hope with his music that love does exist. Love and romance are missing from todays music and todays relationships. Men don’t have time to be consistent but they want the most, with the least amount of effort. Well go find a naive woman who will put up with your inconsistency.

It’s not even a question he will make sacrifices in the name of love. When a man has a good woman and he knows it. He’s not going to be an idiot. lol and mess it up. He’s going to go get his woman before someone else comes in and scoops her up. For he knows that a woman like her is rare, and doesn’t come around every day and the choices out there are few and far in between.

Jeffrey is a passionate Pisces soul balladeer.. .born of a rare and different breed. You can hear his emotions in every lyric..Good lord that voice, will give you chills….his music and voice is timeless. If Jeffrey Osborne is missing from your music collection, something is clearly wrong.

I’ve been listening to Jeffrey since before I was born, LOL. My mom played him so much. I was born loving his music and it has been in my DNA ever since. I suggest you listen to his music. It will put the spark in your love life, that you’ve been missing and waiting for.

Lost hope for love, buy Jeffrey Osborne’s music, because music is life and music is what love feels like!


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