Don’t F**k Up A Good Thing!

08ca2e27411eafa05828e868a96a1a3c.jpgSorry graphic language ahead……. The title of this post sounded funny in my head, but it’s true, men and women…. Don’t fuck up a good thing. If you know you have someone who is rare, who is passionate, who loves deeply and hard, someone who has your back. Why would you be stupid and fuck that up??

I don’t understand men who say they want a certain type of woman and then when she shows up. It’s too much. I think for me, most men are “in love with the idea of me” because when I’m live in the flesh, it’s like oh shit! That’s a lot of woman right there. What the hell am I going to do with all that??  Damn you mean I gotta work for that??

Don’t let me speak my mind, forget it, all of a sudden I’m sassy, I got an attitude and I’m argumentative. Truth is most men don’t know what to do with a woman like me… they don’t.. I know I’m A LOT. But in a good way, that’s because I’m passionate… I’m always hearing I’m too much and I’ll always be too much for a man who is not ready to step up and love me the way I need to be loved.

I’m not going to fall for any ol bullshit a man throws at me. It may sound nice and to think “oh wow, I want a woman who is this way, I want a loyal woman, I want a woman who cooks, who appreciates me. Who gives a damn about my feelings, who supports me. I mean who wouldn’t want the ideal perfect person? But what happens when a woman like that shows up?

Did you not think that you would have to put in some effort with this type of woman? Did you know think your words, would have to be followed up with some actions and accountability? Oh wait a minute, that’s too much work right??!!

Oh….. you thought she was just going to hand over her goods for nothing and that you didn’t have to put in time…oh my bad, you must have me mistaken for a 20-year-old. Men why don’t you try this… you know all that effort you put into loving, caring and doing for the wrong woman? Wining and dining and wooing her, all that romance.. Why don’t you try putting that same effort into loving the right woman.

Did a light bulb just go off?? I think it did…that sounds like a bright idea… doesn’t it??!! Rare people don’t stick around for very much long. Don’t confuse their patience with thinking you have time to get your shit together and that they’ll always be around.

8376eb3d70bb3a3be8c7b351d13708c8.jpgIf you have a good woman in your life, don’t mess it up and let her get away. I’m tired men contacting me years and years later trying to see if I’m single. Trying to bring me on TV because they realize they fucked up. Sorry, if I wasn’t good enough for you back then, then I’m not good enough for you now. Don’t try to see if we can have something now. Oh you ready to settle down now and not play games. You’re done sticking everything that has legs and a hole in it.

Ok you realize you were stupid, that’s nice. I’m glad you had an epiphany but it’s to late bro. See ya….I’m one of those women that if I choose, to have you in my life and it’s my choice, you should feel privilege. And this goes both way. I’m not above any one, I’m just above bullshit! I know me, I know a man can benefit from having a woman like me in his corner, as his friend and maybe his life partner.

I know myself…I know what I want… this is why I don’t date…no need for me to date multiple men to find the one. When he shows up, I’ll know….I know what I bring to the table… I don’t waste people’s time so I would appreciate if my time is not wasted. I’m a woman who’s not afraid to be alone. It would be nice to share my life with someone but don’t be an asshole.

Don’t tell me you appreciate my love, my loyalty or whatever I do for you and it’s just words. If you do, reciprocate, show me some love too, STOP TALKING SHIT! STOP WASTING MY TIME… don’t text it or email it in. Call me, let me hear you. Let me see you…What is the problem with showing how you feel?? I think people just express themselves how they feel comfortable.

I wish at times, we weren’t so glued to our devices. It makes it hard to decipher whats real. No tone, no voice. just words…We forget to make human contact. The same with affection. When one doesn’t show affection we feel neglected, like someone else is getting whats suppose to be ours.

If your significant other is not being intimate with you. Of course you’ll think there is someone else. All I know is that I’m a good woman and others know it too…I’m not perfect but I’m a good person. And that’s I strive to be, evolve, to work on myself and my life every day. but like I said if you know you have something good, don’t f**k it up!

In the words of Steve Harvey “there’s only one of you” A man may meet someone prettier, younger, someone who gives it up right away… who has money, but they will never be you. They will never have your light love and energy. You my darling deserve the best love there is in this world 🙂


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