Your Vulnerability Is Your Strength

8595c40c840c6cb04f2448a7079d5246A lot of people think that being vulnerable makes you seem weak. When actually it’s the opposite. Being vulnerable is where your strength lies. It’s where your beauty is. There is love and strength in vulnerability. It’s the only way to let your emotions be free.

It’s the only way to surrender, so that others can be themselves and feel free to love. It’s hard to love someone and be there for them, when they have a closed heart. When they refuse to express themselves to you. When they refuse to be vulnerable.

Ever try to get through to someone who has so many walls up. It’s exhausting trying to figure them out. Ever have up your own guard. Notice how tight and tense your body feels. Sometimes you may even feel a tightness in your chest as you try to suppress your emotions.

Overtime, suppressing your emotions is learned behavior from the people in our lives who don’t make us feel safe to express ourselves. This stems from childhood, if you didn’t have supportive parents, friends or family. Even in your intimate relationships.

I’ve been told several times by some men that they don’t want to deal with a womans problems or hear about it. Thats why I’m careful about opening up. But I know that that’s not true, because there are men who will listen to a woman and support her emotionally and be her anchor. Thats just those particular individuals who don’t want to deal with a womans emotions, so they ghost.

We can always tell when someone has their guard up. Even when they are talking, even when there is dead silence, doesn’t matter how many miles away. We feel their energy. We know when something is not right. Thats when our minds tells us telepathically something doesn’t feel right. We reach out and we try to get some answers.

When the veil is finally lifted, and the person lets down their guard, we can see their true beauty in their hearts. They are relaxed, they are able to express themselves. When someone is heavily guarded, it even throws us off and makes us feel like we did something. That energy is not for us to take on.

I was hurting about something a few months ago and I was trying not to cry, trying not to feel, I was trying to be strong for someones else and I just couldn’t. Until my niece told me it was ok to cry. I had just lost my sister. I realized my mom did this. suppress her own emotions just to be strong for every one else, to the point that it weighed on her heart and she passed away, so young too.

I know that it’s ok for me to express myself. It’s ok for me to feel. If I feel the need to express my feelings to someone I will. If something doesn’t make me feel good. I’m going to speak on it. I’m not going to suppress my vulnerability because someone doesn’t want to deal with it. Or they don’t have time to think about what I’m going through.

If the people in your life don’t want to be there for you and your vulnerability makes them feel uncomfortable. They don’t deserve to be in your life. No one is made of steel. vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It means you have a heart. It means your compassionate. It means that your authentic and real. Most of all….It means your human.


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